I’m here for the bush event

“Gays and republicans. What a bunch of drama queens”

There are few shows on right now that actually make me laugh out loud (sadly, Fox’s Laugh out Loud Sunday(TM) isn’t included), and Whoopi is certainly one of them. Tonight’s episode was about gay (well, lesbian) marriage, and it was HILARIOUS. They had a republican convention in the next room..

Republican: “Excuse me, but some of us are offended by this..”
Whoopi: “Excuse me, but some of us are offended by President Bush.”

And when they were deciding where each guest would go, it went something like this:
Woman: “I’m here for the marriage”
Whoopi: “Go in that room”

Man: “I’m here for the republican party convention”
Whoopi: “That room over there”
Woman: “I’m here for the bush event”
*audience cracks up, me included*
Whoopi: “… could you be more specific?”


It was amazing, I wish I had taped it. Perhaps I’ll snag it off kazaa later or something.


Ok, so I’m browsing the ChangeLog for GNOME 2.6 rc1 and I came across this entry:

NEWS: esound-0.2.34

* don’t use C99 (Jens Granseuer)

What did I ever do to esound? Bastards.

beep beep beep

Ok, so last week my mom (hi mom!) told me how to make tuna or salmon croquettes, and I cooked some tonight. Set of the smoke detector, as i do every time I attempt to fry anything, but overall it came out pretty good.

Basically, you mix canned tuna or salmon with bread crumbs, an egg, and seasonings (I made ’em spicey, since Grandma doesn’t live here. crushed red peppers, bwahahaha!!), mix it all up ’till it turns into a paste, squish them into burger shapes, and fry ’em in butter. Yummy!

I practiced with tuna tonight, I’m gonna cook salmon ones for jay jay jay when he stops dying and comes back from Scott’s.

Jay, stop dying. Newark is scary alone.

I’m a winner!

Ok, so Gillian, Jay, and I went to The Break today. They have a bunch of arcade machines, including DDR Extreme, DDR 5th mix, Beatmania 6th mix, Guitar Freaks (wasn’t turned on), and another Beatmania mix.

Gillian and I decided to try out Beatmania while Jay was playing DDR Extreme. We walked up to the newer machine (I forgot the mix), and it had written on it “This is for advanced players! Don’t try to play this if you’re not comfortable with level 7 or higher!” So we avoided that one and went to the Beatmania 6th mix machine.

Beatmania is basically a piano keyboard with 5 notes, with a turntable next to it for “scratching”. You have to press the notes and scratch according to the screen, like DDR, and it’s hard as hell! But… I GOT THE #1 HIGH SCORE ON THE MACHINE!!! Which is sad, because I did horribly. I assume the machine was recently reset, or noone else plays it, or everyone else just sucks too. The machine itself was frustrating, it takes forever to start playing a song, and the high score screen only displayed for a few seconds, so I didn’t manage to get a picture of it. I kept waiting throughout the attraction mode demos, but still no scores 🙁

After that we played with the DDR Extreme and DDR 5th mix machines, it was a lot of fun. Jay kept picking hard songs, and Gillian kept picking easy ones. No more high scores, though. Apparently they have competitions and stuff there, so people a lot better than us have been using those machines. There was actually someone there that was better than Jay! But don’t tell anyone. We’ll pretend it never happened.

Next time, hopefully they’ll have Guitar Freaks hooked up so we can try that one out too!

AOLPress called: they want their template back!

Alright, so my roommate jayyy finally convinced me that using a design from 1997 just wasn’t good enough anymore. The code behind the old site itself had changed a lot over time..

1997 – 1999: HTML in AOLPress
1999 – 2001: cgi
2001 – 2002: shtml
2002 – 2004: PHP + mySQL

But the look was still 1997. In fact, it’s even more bland than it was in 1997, because the menu buttons no longer have icons on them.

Introducing the new c99.org layout, sporting a more modern layout, and a syndicated RSS feed of my livejournal!

2004: PHP + RSS!

I still have some tweaking to do with the template and the subsections, but hopefully soon this will be replacing the old layout for good!


K, so I haven’t posted in this thing for like a million years.

I got invited to join Orkut, google’s social network thing. I wont spam all of you with emails, so if you actually want to be invited, let me know and I’ll click the magic buttons on the website.. lol.

Also, my financial refund check came, so I can finally pay Capital One, T-Mobile, EZ-Pass, and everyone else I owe money to! yay! And I can pay rent, which is also good.

Finally, my job training for NJIT’s helpdesk started yesterday. We spent about 3 hours learning about the history of the department, the layout of NJIT’s organizational chart (ugh, bad memories of MGMT-390), and the names and positions of some important people that we’ll be quizzed on on Wednesday. I’m still not really feeling the whole phone support thing, I’m much better at doing on-site stuff, but at least it’ll look good on a resume, and I can get some more $$!

My, that’s a small house!

Ok, I’m finally happy enough with my little demo to show everyone! I’ve been adding some new effects to the DCBlap engine to eventually use it for my IT360 (Intro to computer graphics) project.

Here’s a run-down of the new features:

  • Dynamic, colored lighting
  • Parallax sky texture
  • sin-wave animation effect on water
  • Scrolling textures

If you wanna play with the demo, you can grab the Dreamcast version here or the Windows version here. The windows version will run under WINE for linux users, which is another improvement over DCBlap.

The demo uses the standard first-person shooter controls for the respective platform.

Mouse looks around, up and down walk forward and backward, left and right turn, A and D strafe left and right. You can hit ESC to exit.

Analog stick looks around, Y moves forward, A moves backward, X strafes left, and B strafes right. You can press Start to exit.

Suburbia fun

Jay and I had some fun terrorizing Scott’s development, and the neighboring development while waiting for scott to come back.