Avg. Resting Heart Rate
76 bpm
-1 bpm from last month
Avg. Steps Per Day
-849 from last month
Avg. weight
227 lbs
+0 lbs from last month
Avg. Time Asleep
4h 43m
-71 min from last month
Distance Traveled
15 miles
-12 mi from last month
Floors Climbed
-51 from last month


Productive Time
+9 hours from last month
44h 10m
General Utilities
6h 50m
Editing & IDEs
6h 17m
General Software Development
5h 28m
General Business
4h 35m
Systems Operations
4h 35m
Distracting Time
-19 hours from last month
203h 2m
128h 57m
General News & Opinion
27h 50m
16h 2m
General Social Networking
11h 53m
Instant Message
10h 10m

Tasks Completed
-7 from last month


Places Visited
+1 from last month

Medical Lab
1 visit

Most Watched TV Shows

Abbott Elementary
Agatha Raisin
Resident Alien
Travel Man: 48 Hours in...
Wellington Paranormal
Ms Fisher
What We Do in the Shadows
Family Guy
Call Me Kat

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