Yesterday between noon and 3pm my apartment, along with several others in the building, was robbed by someone with a master key, you can read more about that in my journal. They took all our laptops, including the one I use for doing Dreamcast and Windows releases. I’m very very luckey that they left our desktop computers, since that’s where I keep all my source code.

What this means is that until I get access to a Windows machine again, I will be unable to produce Nero or DiscJuggler images, and will be unable to do any further Windows releases for DreamZZT. In place of the Windows builds, I will be releasing MS-DOS builds compiled under dosemu. Unfortuantily, these will not be able to access the DZZT.NET homepage, and run slower because of the way Windows 2000 / XP handle DOS applications.

As for CD images, I will continue to release plain files, and probably BIN + CUE images. If anyone knows of a way to generate SBI files from linux, please let me know.

The next release of DreamZZT, which includes saved game support, should be out by next week.