DCBlap “BlapDay” beta is officially released! This release includes brand new menus, new styles of play, new background music, and lots more! There’s even a secret or two for you to find 🙂 For people interested in mapping, I’ve also uploaded the new map compiler and configuration files for WorldCraft. A revised version of the DCBlap editing guide will be available sometime after the 1.0 release.

FrotzDC 1.0 has a serious bug preventing you from saving correctly. The CD images have been removed and a binary with a temporary work-around is available in the downloads section. This new binary will not use the new file selector during load and save operations, instead it uses the original “Enter filename:” prompt and will only allow you to save on the VMU in port 1. New cd images will be created once the file selector has been properly fixed.

I’ve added a SBI for FrotzDC 1.0 to the FrotzDC downloads page. Let me know if there are any problems with it, this is the first time I’ve made one.

FrotzDC 1.0 is out! This new version of FrotzDC is based on UNIX Frotz 2.43 and is now licensed under the GNU General Public License. Additional features in 1.0 include color, timed input, and limited support for sound effects. For more information, check out the FrotzDC page.

I’ve been working on updating FrotzDC to use a newer Frotz core (2.43). I still have a few more bugs to fix, so hopefully binaries and source will be available this weekend. I’ll put up a list of changes and added features at release, but until then enjoy these screenshots of my new file selector in both 80 and 40 column modes:
80 column file selector
40 column file selector

Looks like the counter rolled over again. Stupid counter.

I’ve been informed that a Windows interpreter compatible with the FrotzDC saves can be downloaded from the Windows Frotz 2002 homepage. Thanks to Snamley for the tip!

I’ve also added an excellent FrotzDC cover done by Syngori to the FrotzDC page.

I’ve finally finished the back cover for DCBlap and posted it on the DCBlap page. Also, the screenshots and addons pages have been updated to reflect the soon-to-be-released DCBlap 1.0. Stay tuned for the release!

Worried about losing your FrotzDC saved games? Wish you could use your UNIX Frotz saved game on your Dreamcast? Introducing the FrotzDC Saved Game uploader! Now you can use your PlanetWeb browser to upload saves from your VMU to share with others, and you can upload UNIX Frotz saves from your PC and have them converted to VMU files! Check out the new Saved Games section on the FrotzDC page!

I’m currently transitioning the site to use PHP and mySQL to create a more streamlined look across the sections, and to ease maintainence for me. Hopefully I wont mess things up too much 🙂