new stuff!

Jay and I went to Ikea after the doctor’s yesterday and got some cool new stuff!

We’ll take pics of the other stuff once we put it up, but here’s a pic of my upgraded bed. It’s got new pillowcases, and a crazy cover thing that hides the uglyness of my blanket!

I made everything greyscale except my bed, looks pretty cool. Anyway I’ll post some more pictures later!

Word to your momz

(01:19:31) Sam Steele: omg totally
(01:19:36) Sohail Ali: yeah, i took a class in vally girl 101
(01:19:50) Sohail Ali: SVG 101
(01:19:54) Sohail Ali: stupid valley girl 101
(01:20:03) Sam Steele: I live with the instructor of valley girl 431
(01:20:08) Sohail Ali: rofl…
(01:20:25) Sohail Ali: they wanted to put me in valley girl 305
(01:20:34) Sam Steele: well.. valley gay boy.. lol
(01:20:48) Sohail Ali: but i wasnt sure if i could handle it, with Mac Daddy 102 and big pimp’n 400
(01:21:00) Sam Steele: yeah that’s a heavy courseload
(01:21:05) Sam Steele: heh. I said load
(01:21:28) Sohail Ali: definatly a heavy load for a beginners pimp like me
(01:21:46) Sohail Ali: i can barely handle it, i mean it gets all over the place like all the time
(01:21:51) Sohail Ali: its such a mess…
(01:21:56) Sam Steele: lol
(01:22:00) Sohail Ali: but now that im taking bitches 101 i know how to handle it
(01:22:21) Sam Steele: you’ll learn how to properly use the phrase “upside your head”
(01:23:49) Sohail Ali: and next semester when i take smack my bitch up 341, ebonics 201 and wreckless driving 400 i’ll have an associates in Pimping
(01:24:20) Sam Steele: then you’ll know how to properly bust a cap in people’s asses, and how to cut people.
(01:24:46) Sam Steele: and use words like “conversate”
(01:25:00) Sohail Ali: i want to get a bachelors in Mac Daddy, but thats so hard to do i heard, i gotta take blunt rolling 420, My Gat 101, i will also have to take advanced ebonics 102
(01:25:27) Sam Steele: lol
(01:26:00) Sohail Ali: then i will be able to pop a cap in some bitches ass
(01:26:09) Sohail Ali: and i can learn to conversate with mah hommies!
(01:26:23) Sohail Ali: i was thinking about dual majoring and getting something in Geek
(01:26:29) Sohail Ali: so i can be like w0rd!
(01:26:41) Sohail Ali: and talk all 1337 while i fuck a brotha up
(01:26:45) Sam Steele: lol
(01:27:04) Sohail Ali: in two weeks time i get my throw down certificate
(01:27:07) Sohail Ali: then i can beat up white boys
(01:27:22) Sam Steele: hehe
(01:27:23) Sohail Ali: once i take Gang 102 i can have my own crew
(01:27:32) Sam Steele: yep
(01:27:45) Sohail Ali: and after i take a course in hate crimes i can even start going after indians
(01:27:54) Sam Steele: lol..
(01:28:14) Sohail Ali: stupid indians
(01:28:29) Sam Steele: yes. especially indians from texas
(01:28:32) Sohail Ali: with their high sat scores and their advanced learning capabilities…
(01:28:40) Sohail Ali: yeah specially indians from texas… those fuckers!
(01:28:42) Sam Steele: texians
(01:28:46) Sohail Ali: good thing im from new york!
(01:28:56) Sam Steele: indork
(01:28:57) Sohail Ali: born in long island and raised for six years in staten island lol
(01:29:47) Sohail Ali: i wanna learn how to kick in a door and bust a cap in a motha fucka’s ass, but they said its to advanced for me
(01:29:57) Sam Steele: yeah that takes mad skillz
(01:30:01) Sohail Ali: word yo!
(01:30:11) Sohail Ali: but im down.
(01:30:27) Sohail Ali: im gonna have to get a low rider and never lock it either
(01:30:31) Sohail Ali: cause us pimps are feared!
(01:31:02) Sohail Ali: im just not sure i can start a ruckus cause thats hard to do i heard
(01:31:25) Sam Steele: yeah, supposedly you’re supposed to “bring it” so um.. pack a lunch or something
(01:32:34) Sohail Ali: yeah, but do i pack capri sun or Hi C
(01:32:44) Sam Steele: it’s all about the kool aid
(01:32:48) Sohail Ali: and what if their expecting lunchables?
(01:33:08) Sohail Ali: i cant compete with lunchables yo
(01:33:12) Sohail Ali: that shits high end…
(01:33:20) Sam Steele: yeah
(01:34:01) Sohail Ali: and what if like somebody gets a ho ho and the others dont
(01:34:04) Sohail Ali: shits going down then


Got Dropline GNOME 2.6.0-test1 installed! Lots of nice little improvements in GNOME 2.6.0 over the GNOME 2.5.92 I was running earlier, plus all the Dropline polish!

I want Candy!

My sister came back from New Zealand last week and she brought me back some of my old favorite candy!

But apparently the candy was too yummy for my camera, it decided to eat my 128M card about half-way through taking pictures (and eating candy..), so I only managed to snag some pictures of what’s left. Already ate the digestive, all the milk bottles, most of the allsorts, and some other stuff.

Make it stop!!

I’m the lucky person that’s on shift at the help desk during the latest virus attack! Basically there’s a virus circulating the NJIT system that tries to brute-force the account passwords, which causes the accounts to be locked out.

Looking at my paper log, I have non-stop calls from 3:50PM all the way to 4:10PM with only a minute apart. Have to answer each call, explain the virus situation, and inform them that their account will unlock automatically within 15 – 25 minutes.

It’s 4:40PM, my supervisor has gone home for the day, and the calls have stopped coming in, so I finally have a chance to catch my breath! I’m off at 5, so hopefully we don’t get another wave of calls in the next 20 minutes. *crosses fingers*