MobileScrobbler 1.0.2b Released

MobileScrobbler 1.0.2b is now available. This fixes a bug introduced with the last release that would cause songs to get stuck in the queue forever. I’ve also increased the size of the queue to 250 songs.

This release also includes new graphics that were posted by a user in the comments of the 1.1.1 announcement. Thanks so much for the new graphics, they look great!

MobileScrobbler 1.0.1 Released

MobileScrobbler 1.0.1 is now available. This is a bug fix release that should address some of the issues iPod Touch users have reported.

* Don’t try to enable EDGE on an iPod Touch
* Display a first run tip for iPod Touch users informing them that MobileScrobbler works best with a constant internet connection
* New “Session Statistics” button that displays how many tracks have been scrobbled and how many are still in the queue, as well as the last status code received from AudioScrobbler
* Misc. improvements to the queuing process when there’s no internet connection

Complete list of changes

MobileScrobbler 1.0.0 Released

MobileScrobbler connects your Apple iPhone with the social music website. As you listen to music on your iPhone, MobileScrobbler sends the title, artist, and album to the website. uses this information to suggest new music, new friends, concerts, and events based on the music you listen to.

The source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

MobileScrobler Updates

I’ve made a bit more progress on Mobile Scrobbler:

The status bar at the bottom has been replaced with a UIProgressHUD (see the spinny thing in the picture), and the app now puts a music note icon in the status bar indicating it’s running in the background.

It now also has basic error reporting when things go wrong. I also added code to make the iPhone connect to the EDGE network if it isn’t already, so scrobbling should work on EDGE as well as wifi.

I still need to add queuing code for when you’re in an area without signal, and I’m still waiting for to assign me a client ID. I’m hoping to be able to release MobileScrobbler soon!


Introducing MobileScrobler, a audioscrobbler client for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

It runs in the background on your iPhone/iPod Touch and automatically submits songs you play to your profile.

I have to wait for to assign me a client ID before I can release it.

Animal Parts

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