MobileScrobbler 1.0.0 Released

MobileScrobbler connects your Apple iPhone with the social music website. As you listen to music on your iPhone, MobileScrobbler sends the title, artist, and album to the website. uses this information to suggest new music, new friends, concerts, and events based on the music you listen to.

The source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

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  1. Not working

    I installed it, and I logged in into just fine, but music I played isn’t being ‘scrolled’, my profile page doesn’t update with newly listened tracks.

    1. Re: Not working

      Are you using an iPhone or an iPod Touch? There are some issues with the iPod Touch, especially when it’s not connected to wifi. I will look into the problem.


      1. Re: Not working

        Nevermind! It’s working now. I have an iPhone, by the way. Sometimes, my Edge settings are erased (perhaps after every reboot), and although I was connected to Wifi as well, the tracks were not submitted. I’m not sure if it’s related to the Edge settings, but when I opened Mobilescrobbler later that day, it kept saying ‘submitting track’ for some time. I stopped scrobbling and restarted scrobbling. Now, every single track that was played (also the tracks at the time that they weren’t being scrobbled) has now been posted on my profile So, maybe it just needed a few hours to properly send the track information or something. I’m really happy with this software, thanks!

        1. Re: Not working

          It sounds like is having some issues with the scrobble servers. I’m glad it’s finally working for you.

    2. Re: Not working

      I have the same issue right now as well (I was the first comment on this post), though I can’t scrobble through the client or via Amarok. There’s a number of forum posts on about people not being able to scrobble. Sam, would it be possible to add a tab or something that would show the last song scrobbled with a date and the return code from

      1. Re: Not working

        I would like to add a tab eventually that shows a list of all the songs in the scrobble queue, but in the meantime I will add a popup window that will show you how many songs are in the queue vs how many have been submitted and the last return code from the server. That should be ready this evening (Eastern Standard Time).

        It sounds like is having server issues if other clients are also having the same problem.

        1. Re: Not working

          Fantastic. Looking forward to it. I really wish I had a build environment for this, I’d really like to contribute to a project like this.

      2. Re: Not working

        Version 1.0.1 adds a button that will show how many songs have been scrobbled and how many are still in the queue, as well as the result code from audioscrobbler. Update should be available in

        I will work this into a real list view of all the songs over the weekend.


  2. Zow!

    Absolutely brilliant! It works very fine with my iPod Touch. Thumbs up!

  3. greaaaaat !!

    It’s working great thanks a lot for this 🙂
    you should post it on

    Just one thing.. the icon looks pixelated and the menubar icon is a bit big
    If you can fix this then i’m a happy dude

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