MobileScrobbler 1.1.0

MobileScrobbler 1.1.0 is released! It should show up in the Community Sources repository shortly.

New features:
* Ability to stream Last.FM radio stations over wifi
* Displays Last.FM artist profile for currently playing song
* Ability to disable EDGE usage
* Slightly re-designed status bar icon
* Automatic login
* Mark songs as love / ban on your profile
* Send “Now Listening” data as well as scrobbling finished songs

Bug fixes:
* Fix a freeze when artist or album was not set
* Restart automatically on crash
* Handle usernames with spaces and other special characters

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  1. Great!

    I’m amazed by the progress…
    it’s now superb!
    thanks a bunch

    (a problem with the requisitory with 2 version available)

  2. ipod touch

    does this new version scrooble songs when not in wifi and then send them when available?

    1. Re: ipod touch

      “does this new version scrooble songs when not in wifi and then send them when available?”

      It looks like it. My understanding is that it queues up everything that you’ve played and submits your played list once you’re back in wifi. This happens for me on my drive home, when I’m on the road, I play about 15 tracks and they’ll all be submitted once I get home. Just make sure you enable scrobbling. 🙂

      Thanks again Sam.


      1. Re: ipod touch

        This is how it’s supposed to work, but there’s a bug that will make it not always enter online mode. It will continue to queue your songs, but it wont submit the queued songs until you play another song while on wifi, or launch the app from SpringBoard while on wifi. An update to address this issue will be available shortly.

        Also after the next update, scrobbling will be enabled by default if you’ve already entered your username and password in a previous version.

  3. scrobbler

    awesome update f-in rock!!!

    I’ve been waiting a long long time to be able to listen to lastfm on the go, now I can on my ipod touch.

    cheers, cheers, cheers my man.

    don’t know if its just me but the volume seems a bit quiet…

    1. Re: scrobbler

      There is apparently more than one volume control on the iPod, and the slider at the bottom of the radio window is controlling the wrong one. I will look into controlling the correct volume level.

      As a work around, set the volume slider all the way to the right, and open the iPod control popup by pressing the home button twice. You can then adjust the volume in there, and hit the play/pause button twice to start and then stop the iPod player. That will adjust the volume level.

      I hope to have this issue resolved soon.

  4. Thanks!

    just wanted to drop a huge thank you! I really, really appreciate the work you do. For me, MobileScrobbler is one of the best and important apps on my iPod Touch. Thank you so much for putting so much effort in developing and improving it.
    Keep on the awesome work! 🙂

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