HelloFresh 👨‍🍳

I’ve been using HelloFresh for a few weeks, it’s been really interesting! I wont continue using their delivery service after the Black Friday discount ends, but I’ll keep making some of these recipes with ingredients from the supermarket instead.

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December 2022


Avg. Resting Heart Rate
73 bpm
-3 bpm from last month
Avg. Steps Per Day
-608 from last month
Avg. weight
228 lbs
0 lbs from last month
Avg. Time Asleep
5h 26m
-5 min from last month
Distance Traveled
19 miles
-7 mi from last month
Floors Climbed
-27 from last month


Productive Time
+1 hours from last month
57h 24m
Editing & IDEs
17h 5m
General Software Development
10h 50m
Systems Operations
5h 55m
Instant Message
2h 56m
General Utilities
2h 48m
Distracting Time
-93 hours from last month
83h 9m
General News & Opinion
27h 23m
General Social Networking
20h 35m
19h 37m
Instant Message
9h 32m
General Shopping
2h 13m

Tasks Completed
+3 from last month


Places Visited
+4 from last month
Cities Visited
+3 from last month

Convenience Store
2 visits
Medical Center
1 visit
Medical Lab
1 visit
Doctor's Office
1 visit
Dentist's Office
1 visit

Most Watched TV Shows

Doc Martin
Finding Joy
The People
Abbott Elementary
Family Guy
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Call Me Kat
The Good Doctor
Penn & Teller: Fool Us
The Cleaner

Recent Games


Someday, Abu
The Desert
Bubble Challenge 1
Now We're in the Forest
Side Pocket
Ball in the star
Side Pocket
Ball 3
Side Pocket
Ball 4
Side Pocket
Ball 5
Side Pocket
Ball in the zone
Side Pocket
Los Angeles Complete
Super Bomberman
Kick Bomber
Shores of Loci
Pleasing the Giant

Gotta go fast!

Shot on Olympus E-m10 Mark II camera with 14-42mm lens and 10mm extension tube

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This year’s Christmas event in Elite: Dangerous was quite fun, and finally gave me a reason to visit Hutton Orbital.

#EliteDangerous #space #gaming #christmas #StellarScreenshots​


Scanning some plants and collecting engineering materials

#EliteDangerous #Exobiology #space #gaming #StellarScreenshots​

Sonic The Hedgehog

Shot on Olympus E-m10 Mark II camera with TTArtisan 25mm ƒ/2 lens and 10mm extension tube

#macrophotography #TTArtisan25mmF2 #em10mark2​


Got a 25mm ƒ/2 lens from @theskuz for my birthday! I haven’t used a lens with a fixed focal length, manual aperture, and manual focus before so I’m really excited to try it out!