Sonic The Hedgehog

Shot on Olympus E-m10 Mark II camera with TTArtisan 25mm ƒ/2 lens and 10mm extension tube

#macrophotography #TTArtisan25mmF2 #em10mark2​


Got a 25mm ƒ/2 lens from @theskuz for my birthday! I haven’t used a lens with a fixed focal length, manual aperture, and manual focus before so I’m really excited to try it out!

November 2022


Avg. Resting Heart Rate
76 bpm
+2 bpm from last month
Avg. Steps Per Day
+993 from last month
Avg. weight
229 lbs
+1 lbs from last month
Avg. Time Asleep
5h 32m
+17 min from last month
Distance Traveled
26 miles
+12 mi from last month
Floors Climbed
+95 from last month


Productive Time
+1 hours from last month
56h 5m
General Software Development
11h 15m
Systems Operations
9h 52m
General Utilities
8h 44m
Editing & IDEs
6h 59m
2h 52m
Distracting Time
-43 hours from last month
176h 37m
81h 47m
31h 9m
General Social Networking
26h 41m
General News & Opinion
23h 25m
Instant Message
7h 57m

Tasks Completed
-26 from last month


Places Visited
+0 from last month
Cities Visited
+1 from last month

1 visit
Sushi Restaurant
1 visit

Most Watched TV Shows

Toast of London
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Family Guy
Penn & Teller: Fool Us
Call Me Kat
Abbott Elementary
The Good Doctor
The People
Travel Man: 48 Hours in...

Recent Movies

Downton Abbey: A New Era

Recent Games


Urbek City Builder
Small town
Urbek City Builder
I like parks
Urbek City Builder
Sport is good for you
Urbek City Builder
The spiritual world...
Urbek City Builder
Bucolic city
Urbek City Builder
The woodcutter
Urbek City Builder
I like books
Urbek City Builder
It is nice to share with friends in the city
Kingdoms and Castles
Your First Hamlet
Kingdoms and Castles
Your First Village
Kingdoms and Castles
Your First Town
Kingdoms and Castles
Your First City

This is fine.

#EliteDangerous #space #gaming #StellarScreenshots​

RIP Kingfisher

Inspecting the remains of the Kingfisher megaship while the “Taranis” anomaly looms in the distance
#EliteDangerous #space #gaming #StellarScreenshots​


Over the weekend, I wrote an app for Fitbit OS 5.x smart watches to display the most recent reading from a Freestyle Libre glucose sensor via the LibreLinkUp API.


#fitbit #diabetes #programming #typescript #smartwatch #opensource​


Finally got around to setting up a #Grafana dashboard for my #Mastodon instance, and scheduled a cron job to periodically clean up the old cache files.

Deleted around 10 GB of old cache files that had accumulated over the past 6 months!

If you’re on Mastodon you can find me at