Starting audio stream…

I’ve got DreamZZT’s sound code working on the Dreamcast. There are still a few little bugs to work out, but a sound-enabled Dreamcast build should be available in the next few days.


DreamZZT is released. This release addresses several issues in 3.0.6, including:

  • Pressing the enter key in certain situations could cause the game to crash
  • Users with capital letters or punctuation in their passwords were unable to login to DreamZZT Online
  • Enemies were triggering ZZT-OOP touch events

For more information visit the DreamZZT website.


Looks like the code I wrote for that used the LJ API to pull the list of tags / dates for the calendar was polling the LJ server too frequently and I got myself blocked as a bot. I opened a support request after fixing the bug, so hopefully I’ll get unblocked soon.

In the meantime, I wrote a custom S2 layer based on Quite Lickable so my LiveJournal template looks identical to the template, and I’ve redirected the front page of to my LiveJournal. The only issue is that LJ doesn’t seem to allow JavaScript in their templates, so the drop-down menu for “Games” doesn’t work.