DreamZZT is released. This release addresses several issues in 3.0.6, including:

  • Pressing the enter key in certain situations could cause the game to crash
  • Users with capital letters or punctuation in their passwords were unable to login to DreamZZT Online
  • Enemies were triggering ZZT-OOP touch events

For more information visit the DreamZZT website.

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  1. questions about compatability with original zzt

    Hey, I’m a ZZTer 🙂

    I have a couple questions about whether some quirks in the original zzt will be simulated or not:

    1) We recently discovered that you can show the outlines of walls in dark boards by filling up the unused space with either torches or statless passages, with the foreground and background set to the same colour (there has to be a layer of obstacles to make sure the player doesn’t go into this area.) On a whim, it’s been called the kangaroo effect. It hasn’t been used in any games yet, but some are planning to make use of it sometime in the future.

    2) Statless duplicators are inactive and make good tiny stars.

    I tried loading a kangaroo board in dreamzzt, but it interpreted the black on black torches as brown on black. Statless duplicators became active.

    Just wondering about if you’re planning on including those odd behaviors, or if you’d rather avoid including strange quirks.

  2. Man, that test sure is guaranteed to eliminate boredom. If sitting there wondering whether they’re collecting and correlating all those personal questions they ask doesn’t lose your boredom, the squirming from answering them will 😛

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