I have japanese candy!

My favorite two are banana choco, and the cola-flavored puccho. Banana choco is like those hard banana candies we have here, except there’s chocolate inside! And the cola-flavored puccho has a crunchy fizzy thing in the middle that um.. enhances the cola experience?

I’ve got the power!

Batteries Charger full view

I tried to take some photos over the weekend with regular alkanline batteries and none of the ones I had around had enough charge left to power the camera for more than 1 picture. I tried about 10 old AAs I had laying around and none of them worked. So I finally got around to buying some rechargable AA batteries and a charger. Finally I don’t have to worry about buying more batteries when my mouse, keyboard, camera, soldering iron, R/C controller, etc. run low.

The batteries that were in my Gameboy Color were so old they still have testers on the side! Any ideas why the stopped putting those on?

All kids, outta the pool!

[Adult Swim] had a pretty funny bump last night:

America you are fat

It’s cool though.

When France sees you
and is like

onh honh honh America
vous étes le fatty fat

You tell France to go
suck a stale croissant


Because you are xenophonic
and not that clever

But you are America

and proud to be fat

You’re the world’s
A #1 consumer

[behind China]

So tell those frogs over
there in frogtown

That you love their pencil lead
and City of Light

but you are big and will
crush their dumb French heads.

We call that diplomacy

[Adult Swim]