The exporter works! Below is a screenshot of DCBlap running a map that was edited with Blender:

DCblap.blend part 2

Blender now imports the UV coordinates properly:

Now, to write the export script…


This weekend I wrote a plugin for Blender to load the DCBlap map files. Here are some of the DCBlap maps rendered by Blender:

It’s still got a few bugs (the textures aren’t aligned properly) but not too bad for only a day of work and not having written a single line of python before. The next step is to write an exporter, then I’ll finally be able to work on DCBlap levels again without having to boot up Windows to use Hammer. I also wont have to deal with the bugs and quirks that the old map compiler had, so I’ll be able to make much more complex levels.

East Coast Gaming Expo

DCSquares and DCBlap will be on display at the East Coast Gaming Expo. There will also be a specal multiplayer demo of DCSquares running on the Dreamcast there. Anyone in the NJ/NY/PA area, feel free to stop by.

There will be CD-Rs available with DCSquares 2.0.1 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Dreamcast in jewel cases, complete with instruction booklets. There will only be 15 – 20 available, so be sure to get there early! Be the first on your block to own an official DCSquares disc! 🙂

DCBlap “BlapDay” beta is officially released! This release includes brand new menus, new styles of play, new background music, and lots more! There’s even a secret or two for you to find 🙂 For people interested in mapping, I’ve also uploaded the new map compiler and configuration files for WorldCraft. A revised version of the DCBlap editing guide will be available sometime after the 1.0 release.

I’ve finally finished the back cover for DCBlap and posted it on the DCBlap page. Also, the screenshots and addons pages have been updated to reflect the soon-to-be-released DCBlap 1.0. Stay tuned for the release!

On the DCBlap front, Windows users have been getting the short end of the stick lately when it comes to preview releases, so there is a new preview version of DCBlap available for Windows on the DCBlap page. The most important change in this release is the framerate is locked at 30FPS so it doesn’t run too fast for people with crazy over-powered machines 🙂

Merry Christmas! I wanted to have DCBlap 1.0 out today, but I spent all day yesterday playing Jet Grind Radio, so I don’t have 1.0 ready yet. Instead we have put together another Dreamcast-only beta for everyone. This version now supports themes, and new themes and maps can be loaded from the VMU as well as the CD. Please download the readme for a more complete list of changes since the thanksgiving beta. Check out the DCBlap page to download the DCBlap Christmas Beta, and visit with a Dreamcast browser to download a holiday addon for your VMU!