They’re certainly doing all they can to protect Brady, other than not sending him out alone to meet with nuclear terrorists.

-Dave Barry, The unofficial Dave Barry blog

I am a robot. Do what I say.

Yay! My second script fired off properly, too! Every Sunday at midnight, my box will post my StumbleUpon favorites. The StumbleUpon RSS feed doesn’t provide the date or time, so the script is keeping track of what was posted the week before and only posting new favorites. Since it’s never been run before, today’s list probably spans a bit longer than a week.

I wish Netflix had a way to retrieve the star ratings for movies I’ve rented. I was considering setting up a monthly “movies I’ve watched” script, too, but it’s a bit impersonal without the ratings I’ve assigned, and I’m too lazy to compile it myself.

I might set one up that posts when I complete a goal on 43things, but I haven’t really been using that much. Maybe I’d use it more if they published their data as an ics file, so I could view my goals on my iCal todo list. Though, I suppose I could write that, too…

131,000 words

“Successfully posted 131 photo(s) to LiveJournal”

All photos in my Flickr photostream that had descriptions now have corresponding LiveJournal entries. They’re all backdated, so they shouldn’t flood your friends pages. Feel free to browse the newly-populated photos tag.

Of course, after all the testing I did, I didn’t realize until half-way through running it the final time that putting the CSS for the drop shadows in the stylesheet means they wont show up if you’re not viewing them through my style. Since the entries are backdated, you have to go out of your way to view them outside of my style anyway, so it’s no big deal. Future entries created by the script will include the CSS for the drop shadows inside the entry so they’ll show up on your friends pages / RSS readers too.

Edit: Ok, it looks like the LJ docs are wrong about backdated entries not showing up on friends pages. I went back and deleted the less-interesting pictures, bringing it down to 20 posts (about a page) you have to wade through to see the rest of your friends posts. Sorry about that.

Tumbling down

I played around a bit with Tumblr, and while it’s a bit too simplistic for me, it did have two features I really liked:

* Automatic formatting of IM conversations
* Automatically creating posts when an RSS feed (my flickr photostream, stumbleupon favorites, etc.) changes

As you can tell from the previous entry, I’ve implemented the automatic formatting using LiveJournal’s S2 programming language. Any post tagged “chat” gets turned into an HTML list with colored names.

For anyone curious on how it works, the following code gets run to output each journal entry:

IM formatting test

Sam: This is a test.
World: A test?
Sam: Yes.
Sam: A Test.
World: What are you testing?
Sam: I’m testing the automatic colorization of IM logs.
World: The hell you say??
Sam: I wrote some code for my LiveJournal S2 style that should automatically format any entry tagged “chat”.
World: But I don’t see any colors?
Sam: If you’re viewing this through your friends page, this text should look normal.
Sam: But, if you view it from www.c99.org or c99koder.livejournal.com, it should look all pretty.
World: Hey! That’s pretty cool!

Weapon of mass confusion

Sohail: hey you might know how to fix this
Sohail: so i was taring some files today and
Sohail: the first group of files i tared i tared wrong
Sohail: so when i went to fix my mistake all but one of the files fixed themselves
Sohail: and no matter what i try it wont fix its self
Sohail: any ideas?
Sam: I have no idea what you just said.


Sohail: mac:/ exphyl$ sudo dd if=/Volumes/”Ubuntu 5.10 i386″ of=/ubuntu.iso
4+0 records in
4+0 records out
2048 bytes transferred in 0.000714 secs (2868092 bytes/sec)
Sohail: what am I doing wrong?
Sam: putting quotes in the middle of a filename.
Sam: also, specifiying a directory as a device.
Sam: and finally, using dd instead of Disk Utility.

DreamZZT for Dreamcast

DreamZZT is now available for Dreamcast. This update includes all the changes in for the other platforms, as well as enabling sound support on the Dreamcast.

You can grab the update from the DreamZZT download page.