I win!

Yay! I beat adventure mode in Peggle! Final score: 15,659,720!


I will be spending the week down in Key West with Jay! If you need to reach me, I’ll still be checking my email occasionally. See you all in a week!

Upcoming server downtime

DreamHost will be moving the server that hosts most of my sites on February 8th, and they’ll be unreachable during that time. This also affects those of you with sites on my hosting plan.

Due to continued space and power constraints in our primary data center, we will be moving the “randy” cluster to one of our newer data centers. This move will begin Friday, February 8, at 10PM PST, and is expected to last up to 8 hours, until Saturday, February 9, 6AM PST. All web servers, mail servers, file servers, and MySQL servers in the randy cluster will be unreachable during this time.

The following web servers will be off line during this move:

alexander arkanoid attila baht bam bob bomberman breakout caesar centipede contra cornelius cortes crack cruisin cssmania deblume defender digdug dinar dinero dollar donkeykong ellipsis euro fidget forint franc gage galaga gap go grant guilder happy herod ikari ike io ivan jezebel joust karnov katamari khan klax korben kroner lamlam leeloo lei limbo-randy limbo-randy2 limbo-randy3 lira lucky mark marvin morgan napoleon nexus nimitz orbital pacman paperboy patton peso pizarro pound qbert quid rhod ruble rupee rygar scagnetti schilling scipio shekel slaughter slimy tetris ugh ultima venice vex vito wasabi yen yoda zorg

If your site is on any of these servers this status post applies to you. Also, if you check the “Account Status” button on the upper right hand of the webpanel ( https://panel.dreamhost.com ) you should see your cluster under the section “Your Email Server:”. We are also sending out an email announcement about this downtime window to affected customers.

We do apologize for this inconvenience. Rest assured we will do everything possible to keep downtime to a minimum.

If you have any questions regarding the server move, please contact our support team.

oh, deer..

Sohail: i hate fucking deer
Sam: they don’t fancy it much either
Sohail: yeah well, tell them the rash’ll clear up in a few days!

2007 in review


  • Visited Jay in Key West
  • Hit Brian in the nuts with a wiimote while bowling
  • DreamZZT gets an online leaderboard


  • My eBay account got hacked


  • Started a new job
  • Added a few automation features to my LiveJournal for Flickr photos, StumbleUpon Favorites, and IM transcript formatting


  • Accidentally wiped my PowerBook’s harddrive
  • Our basement flooded
  • Started biking again
  • Bought a keyboard, started re-learning to play piano
  • Discovered the awesomeness that is Coda
  • Built a new MythTV box




  • DreamZZT gets SuperZZT support


  • DreamZZT can save SuperZZT games
  • Nintendo DS port of DreamZZT gets online features


  • Bought an 8GB iPhone after the price drop
  • Got an iPod dock connector for the head unit in my Ford Fusion


  • Got a request to produce another DCSquares jewel case (still haven’t gotten around to doing it…)
  • Bought an old Galaxy II tabletop game on eBay


  • Gil and Brian took me out for dinner for my birthday
  • Joined a gym
  • Beat Toejam & Earl 2: Panic on Funkatron with my sister on the Wii Virtual Console
  • MobileScrobbler is released
  • Stabbed myself in the hand at work while unpacking a flat panel


  • MobileScrobbler gets radio streaming, lyrics, and translated into 3 languages

Animal Parts

Sam: yo the “help me decide” thing for deodorant lists “for vegetarians” as an option.. I’m intrigued
Sam: all it does is turn off “deodorant only” and leaves the antiperspirant / deodorant ones
Sam: now I think I want deodorant only, just to mess with vegetarians
Sohail: there is something wrong with you
Sam: dude who doesn’t want animal parts all up in their underarms?
Sohail: i love animal parts up under my arms
Sam: I’m curious as to what animal parts the deodorant has
Sam: I hope it’s made from something adorable, like bunnies
Sohail: more like its got gelatin or something
Sam: that’s much less amusing to imagine