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  • Visited Jay in Key West
  • Hit Brian in the nuts with a wiimote while bowling
  • DreamZZT gets an online leaderboard


  • My eBay account got hacked


  • Started a new job
  • Added a few automation features to my LiveJournal for Flickr photos, StumbleUpon Favorites, and IM transcript formatting


  • Accidentally wiped my PowerBook’s harddrive
  • Our basement flooded
  • Started biking again
  • Bought a keyboard, started re-learning to play piano
  • Discovered the awesomeness that is Coda
  • Built a new MythTV box




  • DreamZZT gets SuperZZT support


  • DreamZZT can save SuperZZT games
  • Nintendo DS port of DreamZZT gets online features


  • Bought an 8GB iPhone after the price drop
  • Got an iPod dock connector for the head unit in my Ford Fusion


  • Got a request to produce another DCSquares jewel case (still haven’t gotten around to doing it…)
  • Bought an old Galaxy II tabletop game on eBay


  • Gil and Brian took me out for dinner for my birthday
  • Joined a gym
  • Beat Toejam & Earl 2: Panic on Funkatron with my sister on the Wii Virtual Console
  • MobileScrobbler is released
  • Stabbed myself in the hand at work while unpacking a flat panel


  • MobileScrobbler gets radio streaming, lyrics, and translated into 3 languages

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah; I must have been doing something last year but it doesn’t seem to have been anywhere near as productive as you… my brief year in review will be up soon though… by the power of my imperfect diary notes…

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