2007 in review


  • Visited Jay in Key West
  • Hit Brian in the nuts with a wiimote while bowling
  • DreamZZT gets an online leaderboard


  • My eBay account got hacked


  • Started a new job
  • Added a few automation features to my LiveJournal for Flickr photos, StumbleUpon Favorites, and IM transcript formatting


  • Accidentally wiped my PowerBook’s harddrive
  • Our basement flooded
  • Started biking again
  • Bought a keyboard, started re-learning to play piano
  • Discovered the awesomeness that is Coda
  • Built a new MythTV box




  • DreamZZT gets SuperZZT support


  • DreamZZT can save SuperZZT games
  • Nintendo DS port of DreamZZT gets online features


  • Bought an 8GB iPhone after the price drop
  • Got an iPod dock connector for the head unit in my Ford Fusion


  • Got a request to produce another DCSquares jewel case (still haven’t gotten around to doing it…)
  • Bought an old Galaxy II tabletop game on eBay


  • Gil and Brian took me out for dinner for my birthday
  • Joined a gym
  • Beat Toejam & Earl 2: Panic on Funkatron with my sister on the Wii Virtual Console
  • MobileScrobbler is released
  • Stabbed myself in the hand at work while unpacking a flat panel


  • MobileScrobbler gets radio streaming, lyrics, and translated into 3 languages

MobileScrobbler 1.2.3

Bug Fixes
* Keep aspect ratio when scaling profile image
* Hide the prefs keyboard when touching the Done button, a toggle slider, or a table cell title
* Correct a typo in the French translation
* Empty the queue more frequently and properly recover from server timeout errors
* Reduce the font size on the love/ban/skip labels since firmware 1.1.1 doesn’t support auto-resizing. This prevents the French translation of “Love” from being truncated.

It should be available in Community Sources shortly.