Ugh, tonight's Modern Family is terrible

Ugh, tonight's Modern Family is terrible. Why would I want to watch the "show" through tiny windows on my tv? Who thought this would be a good idea outside of Apple's marketing department?

I love Elder Scrolls games. Found this note next to a skeleton in a cave filled with tigers in Elder Scrolls Online:

"No, no, no! This isn't working. Must begin again. I will hit on it eventually. I know it.

Too much silver, it seems. Need something less shimmery. The glow is too intense, can't focus.

Aha, yes, I'm brilliant! Not that I didn't know that already.

Yes, yes! Now I can feel them. The creatures' clever minds. I can sense them as they stalk their prey, as they compete for mates. Soon I will understand them truly and be their master!

Trouble. Very serious trouble. All was going well. I had established a pack. I was their leader. They respected me. Then I ran out of steaks. They look to me now, as before, but there is a glint of hunger in their eyes."