Sunlight 🟠

Smoke in the air from the #wildfires is giving the sunlight streaming in through my window an interesting orange color

Firmament by Cyan Worlds

As a fan of Myst and Obduction, I’ve been looking forward to playing this since I backed it on Kickstarter in 2019.  The environments really look amazing in VR!

#Firmament #gaming #VR​

Star Citizen 🔞

A bunch of players were tossing empty cans around in their underwear while @sebi673 tried to request his ship from the hanger

Lemmings 🎮

I’ve recently been enjoying the Amiga version of Lemmings on my retro handheld. It’s surprising how many solutions to the levels I still remember after so many years!

Playing without a mouse is a bit tricky, but I’ve set the analog stick to move the mouse quickly, and then the d-pad moves it in smaller increments for fine adjustments. I also mapped some buttons to the keyboard controls for quickly switching between skills.

As someone that grew up with the MS-DOS version, it’s interesting to hear how the music was supposed to sound!

Veteran’s Park

DCSquares for Playdate

With the news that Playdate group 4 will finally start shipping soon, I’ve spent the weekend porting DCSquares to the #PlaydateSDK.

DCSquares was originally released as a homebrew game for the SEGA Dreamcast in 2004, and has been ported to various other platforms over the past 20 years.

Here’s a sneak peek of a very early prototype running on the Playdate simulator. The original game relies heavily on colors, so adapting it to a monochrome display was quite a challenge!

Cherry tomatoes 🍅

Shot on Olympus E-m10 Mark II camera with 40-150mm lens and 26mm extension tube

Peppermint Tea ☕️

Shot on Olympus E-m10 Mark II camera with 14-42mm lens

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