MobileScrobbler 1.4.0

New Features

  • Redesigned layout
  • Redesigned Now Playing screens by Jan Garcia
  • Browse your friends and listen to their radio stations
  • Keeps a list of your recent radio stations so you can easily restart them
  • Configure MobileScrobbler settings through
  • Multitouch gestures to ban, love, and skip tracks
  • View your top artists, top tracks, and top albums
  • Ban and love tracks from the Recent Tracks list
  • Remove ban and love from the Recently Banned and Recently Loved lists
  • Browse a top listener’s profile by tapping their username
  • Display arbitrary track metadata by passing command line arguments -track, -artist, and -album
  • Empty the metadata and image caches with the tap of a button
  • Compatible with firmware 1.1.3

Bug Fixes

  • Increase scrobbler daemon startup delay
  • Continue updating the progress scrubber while scrolling
  • Hide the ‘Now Playing’ button if nothing is playing
  • Don’t scrobble podcasts and audio books
  • Require confirmation for loving / banning tracks
  • Plug a few memory leaks
  • Faster loading of track and user data

MobileScrobbler 1.4.0 should be available in Commuity Sources in a few days. Until then, it is available from my beta repository at

Upcoming server downtime

DreamHost will be moving the server that hosts most of my sites on February 8th, and they’ll be unreachable during that time. This also affects those of you with sites on my hosting plan.

Due to continued space and power constraints in our primary data center, we will be moving the “randy” cluster to one of our newer data centers. This move will begin Friday, February 8, at 10PM PST, and is expected to last up to 8 hours, until Saturday, February 9, 6AM PST. All web servers, mail servers, file servers, and MySQL servers in the randy cluster will be unreachable during this time.

The following web servers will be off line during this move:

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If your site is on any of these servers this status post applies to you. Also, if you check the “Account Status” button on the upper right hand of the webpanel ( ) you should see your cluster under the section “Your Email Server:”. We are also sending out an email announcement about this downtime window to affected customers.

We do apologize for this inconvenience. Rest assured we will do everything possible to keep downtime to a minimum.

If you have any questions regarding the server move, please contact our support team.

MobileScrobbler on firmware 1.1.3

MobileScrobbler 1.4 will be compatible with firmware 1.1.3 using Nate True’s soft update jailbreak.

Starting with MobileScrobbler 1.4 beta 2 which should be out tomorrow, there will be two separate packages, one for firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 and one for firmware 1.1.3, due to slight differences in the new firmware that are not compatible with previous versions.

Update: MobileScrobbler 1.4 beta 2 is now available in my beta repository for both firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 and the new firmware 1.1.3. You can grab it by adding the following repository and installing the MobileScrobbler package:

Update #2: I’ve removed 1.4b2 for firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 as it appears to be crashing. I’ll downgrade my iPhone tonight and get that resolved. The package for firmware 1.1.3 is still working fine.

Update #3: MobileScrobbler 1.4b2-3 should resolve the “Database too busy” and “Scrobbler is working offline” issues. Please refresh your sources in and install this update.

Update #4: MobileScrobbler 1.4b3 is now available. This release is compatible with the dev team’s official 1.1.3 jailbreak. Also, a separate package is no longer required for the 1.1.3 version. Please remove the “MobileScrobbler (1.1.3)” package and use the standard MobileScrobbler package instead. NOTE: If you use the dev team’s official 1.1.3 jailbreak, the preferences application will not be able to start / stop the scrobbler when you press the toggle button. You must reboot your device for the change to take affect.

MobileScrobbler 1.4 beta 1

The first public beta of MobileScrobbler 1.4 is ready for testing! Add the following repository to to upgrade to 1.4b1:

Please report any issues into the bug tracker, and if you want to revert back to 1.2.6 you can safely downgrade using the Community Sources package.

MobileScrobbler 1.4 Preview

Curious about the future of MobileScrobbler? I’ve put together a screenshot tour of some of the new features. Check out the MobileScrobbler 1.4 preview.

I will set up a beta repository later this month for users that would like to test the new version. Stay tuned!

MobileScrobbler 1.2.5

New Features

  • Use album art from iTunes when available
  • Cache album art for local songs
  • Handle LyricWiki #Redirect macro
  • Norwegian translation by Remi Reksten
  • Polish translation by b4it
  • Simplified Chinese translation by Jimmy Lvo

Bug Fixes

  • Fix scrobbling over EDGE
  • Prevent MobileMusicPlayer from being launched when polling playback status
  • Improved scrobble daemon startup
  • Shut down scrobble daemon when scrobbling is disabled
  • Make silent.wav dummy sound actually silent
  • Use the 50×50 square avatar image from

MobileScrobbler 1.2.5 should be available in Community Sources shortly.

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