MobileScrobbler on firmware 1.1.3

MobileScrobbler 1.4 will be compatible with firmware 1.1.3 using Nate True’s soft update jailbreak.

Starting with MobileScrobbler 1.4 beta 2 which should be out tomorrow, there will be two separate packages, one for firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 and one for firmware 1.1.3, due to slight differences in the new firmware that are not compatible with previous versions.

Update: MobileScrobbler 1.4 beta 2 is now available in my beta repository for both firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 and the new firmware 1.1.3. You can grab it by adding the following repository and installing the MobileScrobbler package:

Update #2: I’ve removed 1.4b2 for firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 as it appears to be crashing. I’ll downgrade my iPhone tonight and get that resolved. The package for firmware 1.1.3 is still working fine.

Update #3: MobileScrobbler 1.4b2-3 should resolve the “Database too busy” and “Scrobbler is working offline” issues. Please refresh your sources in and install this update.

Update #4: MobileScrobbler 1.4b3 is now available. This release is compatible with the dev team’s official 1.1.3 jailbreak. Also, a separate package is no longer required for the 1.1.3 version. Please remove the “MobileScrobbler (1.1.3)” package and use the standard MobileScrobbler package instead. NOTE: If you use the dev team’s official 1.1.3 jailbreak, the preferences application will not be able to start / stop the scrobbler when you press the toggle button. You must reboot your device for the change to take affect.

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  1. Re: ‘Offline’

    It sounds like the scrobbler is crashing. I didn’t have a chance to downgrade my iPhone back to 1.1.2 to test the update on there, it was mostly geared towards firmware 1.1.3. I’ll look into this tonight, in the meantime please downgrade to 1.2.6.

    I will remove 1.4b2 for 1.1.1/1.1.2 until I have a chance to test it, I’ll put 1.4b1 back up.

  2. Re: ‘Offline’

    Got the same problem.
    b1 scrobbles only titles from stream while you not tried to play local music. Once you done it – all titles (streamed from also) will be in que. Server always will reply about too busy db.
    b2 always offline.
    Tried to restore, re-jailbreak my iTouch 1.1.2 and installing only MobileScrobbler 1.4b1 – results are the same.
    1.26 works just perfect, so im staying with it. But I love everything I see in 1.4b =)

    And one thing – when I updated Comunity Sources to 3.2 – just half of available apps in installer gone. Stable MobileScrobbler also. So I restored iTouch again =/.

    1. Re: ‘Offline’

      Refresh your sources and install 1.4b2-3 which resolves the startup issues as well as the “database too busy” error.

  3. I agree 🙂

  4. will noy installon 1.1.3

    says it only works for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2

  5. Thanks very much!

    I was just about to ask you politely to make a 1.1.3 compatible version of MobileScrobbler, but then I noticed that one had already been made! Thanks for releasing it so quickly! I’ve said this before, but never personally to you; your application, for me, DOUBLES the value (in terms of usefulness and excellence) of my iPod Touch. Everything else is either mildly amusing or just for kicks, but your app… wow. Keep up the great work.

    1. Re: Thanks very much!

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂

    2. Re: Thanks very much!

      ditto that…. I’m so very pleased that you’ve updated my favorite app!

      I was almost prepared to downgrade back to 1.1.2 until I noticed your repository.

      Thank you

    3. Re: Thanks very much!

      You also have my gratitude. Thanks for writing the only 3rd party app which will ever live on my dock. =)

  6. massively improved

    I was kinda annoyed that MobileScrobbler wasn’t available on 1.1.3 until I did some googling. It’s massively improved over the older version. Gestures are amazing… no more pulling up the HUD. Great work!

  7. Bug…

    Hey, i love mobilescrobbler. Though there is one bug that annoyes me… After installing MobileScrobbler, iPhysics screen starts to flicker even if i Uninstall MobileScrobbler it keeps doing that. I’ve tried uninstalling then rebooting and even that didn’t work… The only was around this is doing a full firmware restore, and not installing MobileScrobbler… Could you please fix this?

    Thanx and Greets, Stiruam

    1. Re: Bug…

      If uninstalling MobileScrobbler doesn’t resolve the issue then this is not an issue with MobileScrobbler. The uninstall script removes all traces of MobileScrobbler from your device.

      iPhysics runs fine on my iPhone with MobileScrobbler installed. Please report the bug to the iPhysics developer.

  8. Re: Can’t find the download…

    Try refreshing your sources, and make sure you typed the repo url correctly (the title should show “C99.ORG Repository” in the sources list).

    1.1.3 no longer requires a separate package, so install the regular “MobileScrobbler” package for 1.4b3.

  9. Manual Installation

    For some reason, Installer does not work for me on the dev team jailbreak, so I can’t use it. Instead, I manually downloaded the file and read your instructions for manual installation. Although the instructions are for the 1.2.6 version, the only extra thing I had to do was install the PreferencesBundle folder. I’ve done everything, and set permissions to 755 for the Application files, but the MobileScrobbler Preferences just don’t show up. Any ideas?

    I have managed to Install it before, but since then I’ve had to restore several times due to SSH cutting out when modifying vital files.

    1. Re: Manual Installation

      I just downloaded MobileScrobbler 1.4rc1 for my 1.1.3. Ipod. I cant get the app to work. It just gives me the spinning wheel thingy along with “Loading”.

      This goes on forever until I exit myself with the home/reset button.

      Do you know what causes the problem?

      1. Re: Manual Installation

        Am having the same problem on my iPhone.

    2. Re: Manual Installation

      I haven’t updated the manual install instructions for 1.4 yet. You must run

      /Applications/ --installPrefBundle

      in order for the settings menu to appear.

  10. Scrobbler

    Absolutely amazing.
    Best third party app on the iphone.

    1. Riddle


      Tried to install MobScr1.4rc1 but Installer throws me back to Springboard while “running preflight”. Any idea what’s going on? I uninstalled previous version ofc.

      1. Re: Riddle

        Hmm. It might be connected with my problem about passwd. You see, I had a custom password before running 1.1.3 update and now it’s reseted to alpine. However, when I enter term-v100 it asks me for password and it doesn’t work (neither alpine nor my prev. one).

        1. Re: Riddle

          I had a typo in the plist file the last time I saved it. I’ve correct it so it wont crash Installer. Sorry!

  11. Re: Manual Installation

    Yeah, low disk space will cause that. It downloads your profile, as well as your avatar and all your friends avatars, and doesn’t stop spinning until they’re all downloaded.

  12. I updated to the latest version using the dev team 1.1.3 firmware and the app loads fine, its just that it won’t scrobble anything at all or says that the tracks are from a different time.

    Could this be a issue?

    1. timzone issue on jb 113

      make sure you can set the correct timezone! (in prefs->general->date&time)
      i couldn’t…
      -> ssh into your iphone and issue the command “chmod 777 /var/db/timezone”
      worked for me, i can set my timezone (and the iphone remembers it) – and i can successfully scrobble tracks (had BADTIME before)
      cheers and thanks for mobilescrobbler! love it! 1.4 even more =)

    2. Make sure you have settings > calendar > time zone support OFF!

      1. I did that and it still does that.

        edit: n/m. It turns out that it will conflict with the regular client if its on at the same time and it won’t report anything from the ipod. Turning off the desktop client worked!

        1. i have the same problem, but can’t fix it.. 🙁

  13. How will 1.4R1 work with the dev team’s official 1.1.3 version

    Dear Sam,

    I really loved to browse on ipodtouch v1.1.2. Just upgraded to 1.1.3, but can’t get your 1.4rc1 playin’. Don’t really get your Note about rebooting your device. I did restart, but still no mobilescrobbler preference menu in sight…
    Should that be the case?

    1. Re: How will 1.4R1 work with the dev team’s official 1.1.3 version

      OK, I got it now. Just rinse and repeat, reinstalled and now i found the settings. Reboot the device and…. WOW what a great update!!! I love it, thx!!!!

      1. Re: How will 1.4R1 work with the dev team’s official 1.1.3 version

        Ok got it to work forgot the settings part, great job love the programs!

  14. Update to 1.2.6?

    Just installed the 1.4rc2 on 1.1.3 and it works super! great work on the UI to!
    only thing that bug(s) me is that the installer says theres an update available… but that is the 1.2.6 version… can that be fixed?

    1. Re: Update to 1.2.6?

      yes please! it’s really annoying..

    2. Re: Update to 1.2.6?

      No, there is no way to fix this. You can try to contact Nullriver (the people that make If there is more than one version of an application available, Installer will always show the other one as an update.

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