MobileScrobbler 1.4 beta 1

The first public beta of MobileScrobbler 1.4 is ready for testing! Add the following repository to to upgrade to 1.4b1:

Please report any issues into the bug tracker, and if you want to revert back to 1.2.6 you can safely downgrade using the Community Sources package.

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  1. Re: it’s nice looking.. but

    They’re in the Preferences app. If you didn’t install through, you’ll have to run /Applications/ –installPrefBundle to make it show up in the list.

    1. Re: it’s nice looking.. but

      thanks didn’t even think of looking there.
      any chance of getting a force update button for pushing out the queue of scrobbled tracks

  2. I’m loving the new beta. This app has really come a long way.

    Have you seen the announcement that will now be streaming full albums, and there will be a paid subscription service in the future? If you can incorporate this service I will, personally, have the subscription based iPod I’ve always wanted.

    1. Wow!

      Hey, thanks for this information. I just checked the official blog and I’m so excited ’cause I honestly think Last.FM has just kicked off a revolution in the music industry. –smooquai

      1. Re: Wow!

        I read the announcement earlier today, exciting news! The tracks are currently only available through the flash player on the website, but once the tracks are available to desktop clients I’ll add support to MobileScrobbler.

  3. i updated yesterday and now it won’t scrobble new songs when i go to the preferences menu it says status: Scrobbler is ready Queued tracks: 74
    Last Result: FAILED Database to… and it cuts off like that

    1. The full message is “Database too busy”, which means the server is currently under high load right now. Your songs will be submitted when the server is less busy, and they will continue to be queued until then.

      You can view the fill output of any server messages by enabling the Debug Log and looking at /var/root/Library/MobileScrobbler/scrobbled.log.

      1. ok i’ll keep a watchful eye on that file

  4. Re: Manual Installation

    Think I found the cause of the problem. Was low on disk space – may have had something to do with it.
    Agree with last post. Best app out there. Thanks for that.

    Bosstool is also a great app. 😉

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