for iPhone and iPod Touch

Listen to free streaming radio on your iPhone with allows you to listen to your favourite artists, discover new music, and share music with the friends in your iPhone contact list. ( Coming soon to the iTunes App Store! Listen to more than 4 million songs over EDGE, 3G, or WiFi.

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  1. thank you

    awesome! but, will it submit your listened tracks to it seems that there are no background processes allowed

    1. Re: thank you

      Unfortunately it is not possible to scrobble the iPod application at this time. It will only scrobble what you listen to through the radio. In the meantime, the latest version of the desktop software has full support for scrobbling iPhone and iPod Touch.

      1. Re: thank you

        With no scrobbling, it’s useless.

        We already have Pandora for streaming on the iPhone. What has that it doesn’t its scibbling what we listen to in iTunes. iTunes is a far more widely used player than It makes sense. Scrobbling needs to happen.

  2. Yay! Myspace recently made an iPhone app. Boo! =[

  3. Ugh

    Wow, that sucks about not having scrobbling. That was by far the best feature about this program. :< There's no workaround anywhere?

    1. Re: Ugh

      Yeah, what about the “background messaging” (not sure of the exact feature name) feature of the SDK that was recently mentioned in a keynote? To allow the app to send and receive notifications when not running.

      1. Re: Ugh

        That service is only for sending notifications from a server to your iPhone / iPod Touch, not the other way around.

  4. target release date?

    I can’t wait for this app. When will you release it?

    1. Re: target release date?

      As soon as Apple approves it.

  5. I look forward to seeing this app in the app store soon. Will you also be porting the jailbreak version over to the new firmware for jailbroken phones? After jailbreaking my phone a number of times, I realized that the only app that I cared about was yours. I love the live scrobbling. So, will there still be a version available for live scrobbling for those of us who still decide to jailbreak?

  6. too bad it doesnt scrobble but…

    do you think it will ever be possible to do that?

    Also, will it be free?


    1. Re: too bad it doesnt scrobble but…

      That’s up to Apple. They currently don’t allow applications to run in the background or to access the music library.

      Yes, it will be free.

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