for iPhone and iPod Touch now available on iTunes

We are pleased to announce the launch of on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Sam Steele, our iPhone development army of one, has been cranking away at a full blown app on Apple’s mobile platforms for months now and the results are nothing short of insanely great.

Read the rest of the official announcement over at the blog and grab from the iTunes Store (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Spain for now).

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  1. Congrats Sam, it looks great! You really must have put so much work into this. Let’s hope that one day there’ll be some hope to getting scrobbling working in the official app!

  2. no scrobbling?

    No scrobbling as of yet? This is the only application that I’m patiently waiting for the iPhone 3G to be jailbroken. Glad to see you got this in to App Store regardless. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Not in NZ store?

    How come?

    1. Re: Not in NZ store?

      We are working on licensing for the other stores.

  4. Just a little feedback – it seems the login name has to be lower-case. Kept telling me my password was wrong until I stopped upper-casing the first character…

    Otherwise, loving it!

    1. Yep, this is actually a bug in the new web services. We’re working on it, thanks!

  5. argh!

    Not available in Ireland yet! Is there any way you could make it available in the Irish store? Tempted to try downgrade my touch so i can jailbreak it and install MobileScrobbler for the time being…

    1. Re: argh!

      We are working on licensing for the other stores.

      1. Re: argh!

        Please when in italian appstore?

  6. Is MobileScrobbler dead?

    I hate to even ask, because I know you must be super-busy with this project and others…but is there even a remote chance that you’ll be updating MobileScrobbler for jailbreak 2.0?

    I know it’s gotta be kind of a conflict of interest, since you’ve got this great app available on the “official” market. But by all accounts, MobileScrobbler was a far more full-featured program (and incredibly stable, to boot!). I’m thinking, since they clearly didn’t discriminate against the key developers of the jailbreak community, do you think they’d have any problem with you releasing one more version of MobileScrobbler?

    Again, I know it’s asking a lot, since your hands are plenty full. But man oh man do I miss MobileScrobbler!

  7. Lets just hope apple changes their policy

    Theres something im curious about: do developers have to pay more to have their applications distributed in more stores?

  8. for iphone

    I was just wondering if the new official app does the background scrobbling like mobile scrobbler… because so far it seems it doesn’t….
    any ideas?

  9. Re: for iphone

    It is not currently possible to scrobble in the official app, as Apple does not allow background applications or access to the iTunes library at this time.

    1. Re: for iphone

      is there someone at apple you can talk to about this or a petition to sign or something to get apple to hear out allowing scrobbling ??? there weren’t any problems with mobilescrobble, why are they being such douches?!

  10. Kool!

    Go, go, Army-of-One Sam Steele!

  11. Update for Jailbroken 2.0?


    I’ve been a big fan of MobileScrobbler and now your Last.FM app for quite a while now. Now that the 2.0 firmware has been jailbroken is there any chance we could see MobileScrobbler updated? Honestly, MobileScrobbler is the only reason why I’d still want to jailbreak my iPhone. I understand that it’s only been, what, 5 hours since the dev team released a jailbreak app? Thanks for all your hard work, and I truly hope you have the time to work on MS again.

    Aaron (metallikop)

    1. Re: Update for Jailbroken 2.0?

      I don’t think time is the biggest issue. I think there’s some kind of contractual agreement now where he can’t work on 2.0 MS. I hope that isn’t true, but I can see Apple having done that.

      1. Re: Update for Jailbroken 2.0?

        Perhaps. Hopefully Sam can clarify. Is there any rule against open sourcing MobileScrobbler? At the very least, I’d like to continue his efforts, if only the scrobbling part. I’m perfectly fine with the official application to do everything, but an application that runs in the background and scrobbles songs is all I’d really want.


  12. Re: Is MobileScrobbler dead?

    fully agree with you mate, MobileScrobbler was like heaven and there’s no possibility to add a deamon to the appstore app. So please please please rewrite Mobile Scrobbler to support firmware 2.0. It can be done. I’d love to donate!


  13. for iPhone and iPod Touch now available on iTunes

    Hi there guys.
    Still no italian version? As a lot of other people said. is the only reason i looked to jailbreak my iPhone. It’s really THE app! Please make it available. I know i won’t need any CF or jailbreak or downgrade if I got the mobile scrobbler on my iPhone and iPod Touch.

    thanks anyway for working so hard for us =)

  14. Re: Is MobileScrobbler dead?

    I’m gonna have to agree. The client is ok and all, but mobileScrobbler can’t be topped. I find myself lost without it on 2.0.

    I’d love a rewrite! Please?

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