for iPhone and iPod Touch version 1.0.1 Released for iPhone and iPod Touch version 1.0.1 is now available on iTunes. Here’s what’s new:

  • Better recommendations
  • Support for multiple playlists for subscribers
  • Support for My Library
  • Song name on lock screen
  • Less buffering over 3G
  • Retain the search results if you come back to them
  • Bug, stability and performance fixes

To install the update, click “Check for updates” at the bottom of your iTunes Applications list, or tap the Updates tab of the App Store on your device.

Also, we’ve set up an official group for support requests and feedback here:

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  1. Italy source

    when this morning I’ve seen the post, I was wondering all in joy if we italians had finally the app ready. Wrong guess. :(((

  2. unfortunately the app is still crashing while trying to play anything

  3. Seems more stable for me, thank you!

    I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll eventually see an upgrade it to it’s former glory at some point, in all of it’s scrobbley goodness!

    Thanks for the hard work, I’m sure that you want the full version available on the app store as much as we do!

  4. stupid regulations for difftrent countries!

    Is there any way to install it on jailbreaked iphones? I dont want to… but since I dont live in the US i cant get it trough Itunes…

    I want this app sooo badly!

  5. Fails because of Apple

    Thank you apple for forcing what used to be the BEST application for a jailbreak ipod touch or iphone into becoming what is now a pathetic waste of bandwidth. Without scrobbling, without access to what the ipod is playing, this app, is a complete waste of anyones existence that had any hand in making it. Thank you for destroying something perfect.

  6. Scrobbling..

    So will scrobbling support be going back in after apple announcing the internal ‘push’ support in favour of background apps?

  7. Re: Scrobbling..

    Push services will not allow us to scrobble. They’re only for pushing alerts from our servers to your device, not the other way around.

  8. scrobbling

    I really miss iPod scobbling. Without it, this app is useless to me. ;(

  9. still no for italian app store 🙁

    we still don’t have an italian app.
    We wouldn’t need it in italian, just available for italian app store… not much to ask for…

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