Did a bit more work on my iMessage / Android Wear hack:

* Added a UI to reply to messages from the phone too
* Added a sync adapter to integrate with the Android contacts app
* Photos / files can be shared from the phone to iMessage using the Android ACTION_SEND intent

Also had to move the server into a Mountain Lion VM until Apple fixes an annoying bug that stops the AppleScript handler from working after a while in Yosemite.


In Album 2015-04-25

Deleted my Origin account because @EA doesn't take security seriously

I have 2 factor auth and security questions on my account and use a password generator to create unique passwords, and yet someone is still able to reset my password every few weeks and try to charge fraudulent purchases to my account.

Can't get their phone support reps to take the issue seriously and actually look into how someone is able to exploit their password reset process without even needing access to the account's email to get the reset URL.