MythTV Upcoming Recordings 1.0

Introducing the MythTV Upcoming Recordings widget:

This widget will connect to your MythTV backend server and display the list of upcoming scheduled recordings. It requires a MythTV backend server configured to accept network connections.

You csn download it from the MythTV Upcoming Recordings page.

MythTV Dashboard Widget

I’ve started working on a dashboard widget to display the upcoming recordings on a MythTV backend server:

I’ll post it for download once I finish styling it. As a side note, creating widgets with DashCode is amazingly easy. Writing the Cocoa plugin to connect to the MythTV server, on the other hand, was a pain.

DreamZZT 3.0.8 beta1

Whew! I wanted to get this out this weekend, and I made it with 15 minutes to spare!

Introducing DreamZZT 3.0.8 beta1.


  • Built-in bug reporting
  • Improved game timing and faster rendering
  • Many bugs fixed, Mission:Enigma is now completable

For the full release notes, check out

Mac OS X (10.4)
Linux (Ubuntu Feisty Fawn)

A Dreamcast build will be available soon.

Feel free to test Town and Mission:Enigma, but the focus of this beta test should be 3rd party games. Also, since this is a beta release, it connects to the beta DreamZZT Online server. You’re welcome to create accounts on it from inside the game, but there aren’t any tasks on there yet.

Speaking of DreamZZT Online, the source is finally ready to be released. It’s in the DreamZZT svn repo, and can be viewed from

You must defeat me in a game of GEMini

After a few hours of hardcore bug fixing, Mission:Enigma is now 100% playable and completable. I hope to start releasing public betas of 3.0.8 in the next few days.

Anyone have suggestions for the next ZZT game to focus on?

DreamZZT update

I made a bit of progress on DreamZZT. You can now adjust the game speed and the sound volume from the title screen:

I’ve also integrated the Trac ticket system into the game. When loading a game, it will check to see if any tickets are open that affect that game, and show you a warning with a list:

You can view the details of a specific bug by selecting it:

Also, you can submit new bug reports from inside the game:

Creating bugs from the game will automatically record the version, platform, game, and board, as well as attaching a save of your game.