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MythTV Upcoming Recordings 1.0

Introducing the MythTV Upcoming Recordings widget:

This widget will connect to your MythTV backend server and display the list of upcoming scheduled recordings. It requires a MythTV backend server configured to accept network connections.

You csn download it from the MythTV Upcoming Recordings page.

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  1. kobski

    Source code

    Hi Sam.

    I’m using your MythTV widget. Unfortunately it is not always working the way I would expect it. For example right now, it is only showing me the next scheduled recording and not the one which will follow one hour later, or the ones tomorrow.
    If you are willing to share the code, I could maybe fix it myself. How would you feel about that?

    Best regards,

    1. admin

      Re: Source code

      The protocol has changed recently and I haven’t had time to update it. I will set up a svn repository tonight for the widget and release the code.


      1. kobski

        Re: Source code

        That’s just great. Thanks!

          1. kobski

            Re: Source code

            Great. I like trac.

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