DreamZZT update

I made a bit of progress on DreamZZT. You can now adjust the game speed and the sound volume from the title screen:

I’ve also integrated the Trac ticket system into the game. When loading a game, it will check to see if any tickets are open that affect that game, and show you a warning with a list:

You can view the details of a specific bug by selecting it:

Also, you can submit new bug reports from inside the game:

Creating bugs from the game will automatically record the version, platform, game, and board, as well as attaching a save of your game.

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  1. Wow, that’s really cool – very fancy and integrated!

  2. That’s awesome 🙂 Does the DC one support all that too, I assume?

    1. The Dreamcast doesn’t have any of the network code enabled. The number of people 1) interested in ZZT, 2) that have a Dreamcast, 3) that also have a BBA is pretty much.. 2, so there just isn’t an audience for it. If anyone ever gets PPP working on the Dreamcast, then I might enable the net code on it.

      If you’re interested in using the Trac xmlrpc client in other Tiki apps (or non-Tiki, if you replace the Tiki::File stuff), I tried to make the class as abstract as I could. You can view the code at http://dev.c99.org/DreamZZT/browser/trunk/src/bugreport.cpp and http://dev.c99.org/DreamZZT/browser/trunk/include/bugreport.h it also depends on http://dev.c99.org/DreamZZT/browser/trunk/src/http.cpp which uses libcurl to do HTTP transactions. I also have a lwip version of http.cpp, but it doesn’t have the http_post_* functions yet, and I don’t plan to add them any time soon for the reasons mentioned above. Drop me an email if you want a license other than GPL.

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