MobileScrobbler 1.1.1 is a minor bug fix release:

* Move log file to /var/root/Library/MobileScrobbler/debug.log
* Add preferences option to disable logging
* Switch the scrobbler to offline mode when network connection is dropped
* Set radio volume slider to maximum. There is currently an issue with increasing the volume higher than what the iPod player last set it to, currently the volume can only be decreased. This will be addressed in a future version.
* Default logging, scrobbling, and EDGE usage to ON for users upgrading from a previous version to match the behavior of the old versions.

It should be available in Community Sources sometime today.

Also, I’ve retired the repository I was hosting on my site, so you’ll no longer see duplicate versions in Installer. Community Sources now is the official location to download MobileScrobbler from. The downside is that it takes longer to get a new release out, as I don’t have direct control over the repository.

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  1. Anonymous

    from: Riddle


    Loving your app. I have few requests / feedback if you’d like:

    * App title behind progress bar doesn’t look good.
    * “iPhonish” font for description would be awesome.
    * “Artist descriptions on…” should go 😉
    * Volume is way to quiet 🙁
    * It would be cool to skip track by double-clicking headphones’ mic
    * iPhone-like caption with your credit and animations when text change (queued > scrobbled) would be awesome 🙂

    Thank you once again!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for making one of the best app on iphone!!!
    Your app is nearly perfect… however I would like to know if it is possible to enable streaming over EDGE?
    I can get “listen to recommandations” to work over EDGE so I guess there is enough bandwith to stream over EDGE?
    Thank you again 😉

  3. Anonymous


    hey all i got a problem , I run this program but when i go to search for an artist its says failed, check network settings,where do i do that I dont see it in the opitons, BTW trying to make it wokr via WIFI, thanks all

  4. Anonymous

    Won’t scrobble with version 1.1.1

    I recently upgraded to 1.1.1, and none of my tracks will scrobble now. If I go to settings it says “Scrobbler is ready. 0 tracks have been scrobbled. 115 tracks are in the queue. Last result: OK”. I have entered my credentials, and “Scrobble tracks” is set to on. Any ideas???

  5. Anonymous

    Way cool!

    Hey, thanks and thumbs up for a great application! This is so cool and innovative…

    I have only one minor gripe so far: when I start scrobbling and continue doing other stuff, e.d. surfing with Safari, every time I touch the screen the volume gets louder. Apparently, m.s. didn’t detect it lost focus or something like that (iPod Touch 8GB)

    Keep up the great work!

    1. admin

      Re: Way cool!

      I’m not able to reproduce this on my iPhone. Are you listening to music from your iPod or streaming it from Last.FM?

      1. Anonymous

        Re: Way cool!

        Here´s how I can reproduce it:
        – search for an artist
        (music starts playing)
        – switch to an app that has an inputfield (e.g. URL in Safari)
        – start typing
        – at the first keyclick the music volume jumps up.

        Just a slight oddity 🙂

  6. Anonymous


    I’ve already made some comments in the bugtracker, but here comes the most important one: Thanks for your great work on MobileScrobbler! For me this is defiantly the app with the highest coolness factor on my Touch! 😉

    1. Anonymous

      Re: Thanks!

      Ehm, didn’t intend to be anonymous. This was smooquai!

  7. Anonymous

    awesome work

    well done for getting this up and running by the looks of it in relatively short time period.

    I too noticed that you can get EDGE streaming to work if you select it from the “similar artists” or “tags” links but please please please don’t disable it 🙂 as here (western canada) it works well and i have yet to have any buffering or playback issues. It would great if you could enable it on the top level search as well. I know some areas may have slower edge / horrendous data charges so you could maybe throw up a warning on enabling the setting or something… but for me it works really well.

    good luck and keep up the good work on it. have just sent a bit of cash your way on pp.


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