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MobileScrobbler 1.4.0

New Features

  • Redesigned layout
  • Redesigned Now Playing screens by Jan Garcia
  • Browse your friends and listen to their radio stations
  • Keeps a list of your recent radio stations so you can easily restart them
  • Configure MobileScrobbler settings through Preferences.app
  • Multitouch gestures to ban, love, and skip tracks
  • View your top artists, top tracks, and top albums
  • Ban and love tracks from the Recent Tracks list
  • Remove ban and love from the Recently Banned and Recently Loved lists
  • Browse a top listener’s profile by tapping their username
  • Display arbitrary track metadata by passing command line arguments -track, -artist, and -album
  • Empty the metadata and image caches with the tap of a button
  • Compatible with firmware 1.1.3

Bug Fixes

  • Increase scrobbler daemon startup delay
  • Continue updating the progress scrubber while scrolling
  • Hide the ‘Now Playing’ button if nothing is playing
  • Don’t scrobble podcasts and audio books
  • Require confirmation for loving / banning tracks
  • Plug a few memory leaks
  • Faster loading of track and user data

MobileScrobbler 1.4.0 should be available in Commuity Sources in a few days. Until then, it is available from my beta repository at http://dev.c99.org/iphone-beta/

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  1. xenex

    It’s all kinds of awesome. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous


    It’s working great! Thanks! 😀

  3. Anonymous

    Date and Time mismatch

    I’m experiencing a Date and Time issue whenever MobileScrobbler tries to scrobble my music. Apparently, there’s a mismatch between my configuration and last.fm server’s. I’m running MobileScrobbler on a 1.1.3+04.03.13_G iPhone with no SIM inserted.

    I have checked the settings both on my iPhone and last.fm account but it won’t scrobbler. Any hint on this?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. admin

      Re: Date and Time mismatch

      Open the iPhone settings and go to General -> Date & Time and make sure Time Zone support is turned ON and that the time zone is set correctly.

      Turn on the debug log, and look at /var/mobile/Library/MobileScrobbler/scrobbled.log. There will be a line that says “BADTIME”, check the timestamp next to that and make sure that it shows the correct time zone. An example would be -0500 which is my time zone (GMT-5, Eastern Standard Time). If this timestamp is not correct, then there is an issue with your iPhone.

      Since you’re on 1.1.3, try to run the following command over SSH or terminal as root:
      chmod 777 /var/db/timezone

      Then reset your time zone again. I’ve seen reports that the 1.1.3 jailbreak can cause the time zone not to be stored properly until you change the permissions on that file.

      1. Anonymous

        Re: Date and Time mismatch

        Just for the record: that worked flawlessly to me. Thanks a lot.

        PD: maybe “chown mobile:mobile /var/db/timezone” is a more security friendly command 😉

  4. asthmaticatom

    Great app

    Great update. This app is the ONLY reason i keep jailbreaking my iPhone. Just one suggestion. Ever consider changing or abbreviating the name of the app? It’s the only app on my phone that has an ellipsis. It looks like this MobileScrobb…

    Just a suggestion.

  5. Anonymous

    Been working on the same thing myself – found your post when I was looking for a way to get Boxee to index the shows. It appears that without the season and episode, its a no go… but still using them as private works until Team Boxee can get myth support working again.

    Nice post!

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