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Dear TV,

Why are you so awesome this season?  I’m watching so many shows this time I hardly have time for anything else after work.  Here’s what I’m watching now:

The Simpsons
Family Guy
American Dad
Desperate Housewives
Robot Chicken

How I Met Your Mother
Samantha Who?

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Pushing Daisies
‘Til Death
Bionic Woman
Private Practice
The Sarah Silverman Program

My Name is Earl
Ugly Betty
30 Rock
Grey’s Anatomy
Drawn Together

Women’s Murder Club
America’s Psychic Challenge (yeah I know, but it’s actually kind of interesting)

I also watch The Daily Show / The Colbert Report, and I’ve been catching reruns of The King of Queens which is surprisingly funny.

I’m so glad my MythTV box has two tuners and a 300GB drive.

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Woms: Open Warfare 2

If anyone wants to play Worms: Open Warfare 2 for Nintendo DS, my friend code is 189089558534.

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Sam: I bought a few 80s songs from the iTunes store earlier this week, and now it’s recommending more 80s songs.. I’m gonna end up spending so much money lol
Sohail: download the sunglasses song
Sohail: sunglasses at night
Sam: be more specific
Sam: ok
Sohail: i think you will like it
Sam: Corey Hart or Inner Circle?
Sam: Corey Hart is the most popular, so I’m assuming that’s the one
Sam: yes! 80s synth pop!
Sam: this is so purchased

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Burnt Toast

Sohail: have you ever overburned with toast?
Sam: huh?
Sam: oh, I get it
Sam: Roxio Toast
Sam: not bread

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You wish!

11:31:09 AM Sam: he always has an away message, but he’s not always away
11:31:27 AM Sohail: same thing in my book lol
11:31:39 AM Sam: u wish
11:33:47 AM Sohail: nope, I know
11:33:54 AM Sam: u wish u knew
11:35:00 AM Sohail: i know I know!
11:35:10 AM Sam: u wish u knew u knew
11:35:34 AM Sohail: i wish u knew i know i know!
11:35:52 AM Sam: u wish i wish u knew u know u know
11:39:07 AM Sohail: i know u wish i wish u knew i know i know
11:39:26 AM Sam: u wish u know i wish u wish i knew u know u know
11:40:09 AM Sohail: u wish i wish i know u know u wish i wish u knew i know i know
11:40:16 AM Sam: u wish
11:40:20 AM Sohail: HAHA
11:40:36 AM Sam: 😛

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Lesson 94: Dreydel

I learned to play a new song: Dreydel. The new GarageBand is a bit unstable though, I played the song perfectly twice (which was rare, it took me like 30 attempts to play it all the way through while GarageBand was recording), only to have it beachball upon clicking the stop button.

The piano in the symphony ochestra jam pack sounds significantly better than the “portable grand piano” Yamaha is so boastful about in my keyboard, so I guess I’ll keep using GarageBand for now. Plus, the new “align to notes” feature is pretty nice for when my timing is slightly off.

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Virtual Console

I finally broke down and bought some Wii Virtual Console games:

* Sonic the Hedgehog 2: I have this cart for the Genesis but it only works about 20% of the time. Now I can play without worrying about it freezing up! And I don’t have to play the whole game in one sitting, since the Wii saves the game state when you return to the home screen.

* Toejam & Earl: Panic on Funkatron: We had this for the Genesis a long time ago, it was pretty fun. Carly is still mad I sold the original cartridge years ago.

* Dragon’s Curse: This is the TurboGrafix 16 sequel to Wonderboy in Monsterworld which Jay and played on the Genesis a few years back.

* The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: We were a SEGA house growing up, so I didn’t get to play this on the SNES. I’ve attempted to play it on emulators a few times but it’s always a hassle. Maybe I’ll actually stick with it on the Wii.

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Go directly to jail

Sam: vid-yuh games
Gil: i played some today, yes
Sam: lies
Gil: no i did, i beat a game
Sam: was the killer you?
Gil: well, you have to kill to beat the game, yes
Sam: gil. you’re playing monopoly totally wrong.
Gil: heh, but i really wanted park place

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