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Sam: yo the “help me decide” thing for deodorant lists “for vegetarians” as an option.. I’m intrigued
Sam: all it does is turn off “deodorant only” and leaves the antiperspirant / deodorant ones
Sam: now I think I want deodorant only, just to mess with vegetarians
Sohail: there is something wrong with you
Sam: dude who doesn’t want animal parts all up in their underarms?
Sohail: i love animal parts up under my arms
Sam: I’m curious as to what animal parts the deodorant has
Sam: I hope it’s made from something adorable, like bunnies
Sohail: more like its got gelatin or something
Sam: that’s much less amusing to imagine

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Sam..your work with iphone apps

    Hi Sam, I noticed your work on the mobile scrobbler. I am dxeveloping a web app for the ipod touch and wondered if you could offer some help/advise? if you dont know the answers to the questions could you point me in the direction of someone who could help?
    basically i want to get rid the top and bottom nav bars on the safari browser on the ipod touch / i phone and go to a certain site just using a shortcut..do you know if this is possible and if so how to go about doing it?

    thanks a lot for your time, if you get chance to reply could you mail me [email protected]
    many thnanks


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