Sam: tell her if it doesn’t work you’ll send her an old IBM mouse with the stupid blue glowing joystick thing instead of a wheel. that should make her try harder
Sam: my workstation has one of those
Paul: lmao
Sam: it’s so annoying. the software to make the joystick thing work pops up a window every time you drag a scroll bar saying “Did you know you can scroll windows using your mouse?”.. gotta check the box NEVER TELL ME THAT THING AGAIN EVER! hehe
Sam: there’s no button for “I know that, but the joystick is so hard to use it’s easier to drag the scroll bar”
Sam: IBM needs to cut it out with the popups.. the thinkpads do it too the second time you login to them. “Did you know you can eject your thinkpad from a dock by pressing Fn+F9?”
Sam: and again, no button for “But my laptop is in a dock, so the lid is closed. How do you expect me to press Fn+F9?”