Profile view

I’ve revamped the main interface layout in MobileScrobbler:

The new starting screen shows your profile info with buttons to play your radio stations. Search has been moved onto a button bar at the bottom. You can also access the Now Playing view at any time by tapping the button at the top right.

I’m hoping to have the next version out sometime this weekend.

Lenovo software rant

Sam: tell her if it doesn’t work you’ll send her an old IBM mouse with the stupid blue glowing joystick thing instead of a wheel. that should make her try harder
Sam: my workstation has one of those
Paul: lmao
Sam: it’s so annoying. the software to make the joystick thing work pops up a window every time you drag a scroll bar saying “Did you know you can scroll windows using your mouse?”.. gotta check the box NEVER TELL ME THAT THING AGAIN EVER! hehe
Sam: there’s no button for “I know that, but the joystick is so hard to use it’s easier to drag the scroll bar”
Sam: IBM needs to cut it out with the popups.. the thinkpads do it too the second time you login to them. “Did you know you can eject your thinkpad from a dock by pressing Fn+F9?”
Sam: and again, no button for “But my laptop is in a dock, so the lid is closed. How do you expect me to press Fn+F9?”