A Waffle House on every block

Photos from Biloxi, MS have been uploaded to flickr. The opening of the Grand Biloxi Casino went pretty smoothly.

Most of the pictures are shot from the van during our commute to / from the casino which is why they are so blurry. There are several other things I wanted to get pictures of but didn’t have the chance: One of the balconys near the top of a destroyed apartment complex had “MOM WERE OK” spraypainted in blue. Also, the fence of a house had “We are home! We will SHOOT!” spraypainted on the fence to deter looters.

Outside of work things went pretty well. We all went out for hibachi at Yuki’s Japanese Restaurant, and I sang karaoke at Michael’s nightclub.


Holy crap! I emailed my resume to a company and they actually called me back, within a half-hour! I’ve got an interview tomorrow at 10am!

Note to self: Don’t send out resumes when you’re not really awake yet, because you might be expected to do a phone interview within a half hour.

Ex-teacher given 4 years for theft

So, they finally sentenced my old boss:

Ex-teacher given 4 years for theft

Staff Writer

Gambling and drinking may have led a former technology director for the East Windsor school district to steal computers from the school district, an assistant prosecutor said.

Robert Parker, 60, who was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday, kept his head bowed and did not speak as he stood before Superior Court Judge Maria Sypek.

Parker, who pleaded guilty to theft by deception in March, had taken nearly 100 computers that belonged to the school district and resold them to teachers, pocketing the money, said Assistant Prosecutor Doris Galuchie.

Galuchie said an investigation showed that Parker had lost $64,000 at the Atlantic City casinos in the last five years and that six bottles of liquor were found in his desk.

The school district paid $120,000 for the computers which Parker sold for $92,000, Galuchie said. Parker, of Georgetown Road in Hamilton, will be required to pay $80,000 in restitution to the district, Sypek said.

Noting that Parker had been teacher for 29 years, Galuchie said, “He has been a role model, which is pretty scary.”

District Superintendent Ronald Bolandi told Sypek that Parker had been “in a trusted position” and had “deceived the district.”

Bolandi said the thefts had hurt the children.

“I could have had a (computer) lab in every building,” Bolandi said. “I’m just appalled.”

Parker’s defense lawyer George Yuska requested that Parker be sent to a minimum security prison due to his health problems including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

Before the thefts were discovered, many students called Parker their favorite teacher, Yuska said. Since his arrest he has suffered “shame and humiliation.”

“This is a tragedy,” Yuska said.