I’ve got the power!

Batteries Charger full view

I tried to take some photos over the weekend with regular alkanline batteries and none of the ones I had around had enough charge left to power the camera for more than 1 picture. I tried about 10 old AAs I had laying around and none of them worked. So I finally got around to buying some rechargable AA batteries and a charger. Finally I don’t have to worry about buying more batteries when my mouse, keyboard, camera, soldering iron, R/C controller, etc. run low.

The batteries that were in my Gameboy Color were so old they still have testers on the side! Any ideas why the stopped putting those on?

My dad called today! He’s back in NZ from his trip to minnesota, and he said he’s planning to move there next year.

We talked about Macs, apparently he also has a PowerBook 😛


The weirdest thing just happened!

I’m traveling down 130S to grab some food from McDonalds, when I hear sirens in the distance. I look at 130N, and there’s no cars coming, so I figure maybe there’s an accident on 130N. Then I see 3 police motorcycles driving up 130N. Then.. I see HUNDREDS of motorcycles! I get up to the next traffic light, and there’s a police car in the middle of the intersection preventing anyone from turning onto 130N and waving 130S to keep going and ignore the red light.

I pull into McDonalds (I’m so glad i didn’t try to go to Wendys, which is on 130N) and everyone is standing around watching these hundred and hundreds of motorcycles and police/fire/rescue vehicals traveling up 130N. It was crazy! I feel bad for the people trying to go north that got stuck behind them, though!


Holy crap! I emailed my resume to a company and they actually called me back, within a half-hour! I’ve got an interview tomorrow at 10am!

Note to self: Don’t send out resumes when you’re not really awake yet, because you might be expected to do a phone interview within a half hour.


A+ Core Hardware Exam: 695 / 800
A+ Operating Systems Technologies Exam: 776 / 800

I’m officially an unemployed A+ Certified Technician, yay!

At some point I’ll take the NET+ exam, too, but I can’t afford it right now.


they blow around and crinkle under my heavy feet.

This is what I get for letting Brian use my laptop unattended… 😛

A wise man once said…

Jay: well
Jay: it’s like how there’s lesbians, then there’s butch lesbians
Jay: lesbians you’re like “Awwww how cute, lesbians”
Jay: then butch lesbians you’re like “PMG DONT HURT ME PLZ”