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“Successfully posted 131 photo(s) to LiveJournal”

All photos in my Flickr photostream that had descriptions now have corresponding LiveJournal entries. They’re all backdated, so they shouldn’t flood your friends pages. Feel free to browse the newly-populated photos tag.

Of course, after all the testing I did, I didn’t realize until half-way through running it the final time that putting the CSS for the drop shadows in the stylesheet means they wont show up if you’re not viewing them through my style. Since the entries are backdated, you have to go out of your way to view them outside of my style anyway, so it’s no big deal. Future entries created by the script will include the CSS for the drop shadows inside the entry so they’ll show up on your friends pages / RSS readers too.

Edit: Ok, it looks like the LJ docs are wrong about backdated entries not showing up on friends pages. I went back and deleted the less-interesting pictures, bringing it down to 20 posts (about a page) you have to wade through to see the rest of your friends posts. Sorry about that.

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  1. They ended up flooding my friends page anyway, somehow.

    1. Sorry about that. The LJ XML-RPC docs say backdated entries don’t show up on friends pages, but they may have changed things since then — the docs are way out of date. They don’t mention tags at all, it took me forever to find how to add tags to an entry.

      1. No problem. I was able to skip the bulk of them by just manually editing the friends page URL.

  2. Sadly we RSSians were not exempt 😉 But there were some interesting pics anyhow. Fun to look through.

      1. I actually kinda like the LJ cuts not working actually 🙂 It means I don’t have to open stuff up in a browser unless I want to read the comments or whatnot. I’m using Vienna for my RSS reading so it takes up the same amount of time/space in both cases.

        1. Haha.. I got your reply in apple mail, and noticed I forgot to escape the < and > on lj-cut, it just shows up as an empty space.

          LiveJournal should just -know- when I mean &lt; and when I mean <!

          1. Actually it usually is pretty good at just knowing what you mean. I’ve been surprised in the past.

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