RIP Fitbit Sense

The hot and humid weather last week melted the adhesive that holds my watch together. 😭

I got the replacement plan this time, after the same thing happened a few years ago to my Fitbit Ionic. Just waiting for them to process the claim and send me a replacement.

Palm VIIx

Reading Mastodon toots on my Palm VIIx in Eudora Mail via a Mastodon-to-POP3 gateway:

This was surprisingly tricky to set up on a modern computer:

• Windows needs to be 32-bit because the Eudora conduit is packaged inside a 16-bit installer. Windows 10 needs some extra support files to run 16-bit apps, so I installed Windows 7 in a VM.

• Internet Explorer doesn’t work anymore, so had to copy the Firefox installer into my VM’s hard drive in order to download Palm Desktop, drivers, updates, etc.

• Outlook needs to be new enough to run CalDAV Synchronizer: to import my NextCloud contacts / calendar

• Outlook also needs to be old enough to sync with HotSync and the Eudora conduit. Office 2007 is the minimum version that meets both requirements.

• HotSync and Outlook both need to be running in Windows XP compatibility mode in order for them to talk to each other and transfer data

• HotSync.exe needs to run as administrator, as it tries to write all the backups/sync data into Program Files instead of the user directory.

• Outlook.exe also has to run as administrator, otherwise HotSync wont communicate with it while running as administrator

• My USB-serial adapter needs drivers on older versions of Windows. They were nice enough to include them on a CD, but none of my computers have an optical drive anymore. Downloaded them from the manufacturer’s website with Firefox.

• CalDAV Synchronizer requires a recent version of .NET to run, so I had to get Windows Update working with Legacy Update:

The HotSync conduit update for Outlook 2007 is very difficult to find, luckily there’s an archived copy here: There are unofficial patches for 2010 and 2013 here: but I’m using 2007 with the official update from Palm.

Sunlight 🟠

Smoke in the air from the #wildfires is giving the sunlight streaming in through my window an interesting orange color

Firmament by Cyan Worlds

As a fan of Myst and Obduction, I’ve been looking forward to playing this since I backed it on Kickstarter in 2019.  The environments really look amazing in VR!

#Firmament #gaming #VR​

Star Citizen 🔞

A bunch of players were tossing empty cans around in their underwear while @sebi673 tried to request his ship from the hanger

Lemmings 🎮

I’ve recently been enjoying the Amiga version of Lemmings on my retro handheld. It’s surprising how many solutions to the levels I still remember after so many years!

Playing without a mouse is a bit tricky, but I’ve set the analog stick to move the mouse quickly, and then the d-pad moves it in smaller increments for fine adjustments. I also mapped some buttons to the keyboard controls for quickly switching between skills.

As someone that grew up with the MS-DOS version, it’s interesting to hear how the music was supposed to sound!

Veteran’s Park