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Word to your momz

(01:19:31) Sam Steele: omg totally
(01:19:36) Sohail Ali: yeah, i took a class in vally girl 101
(01:19:50) Sohail Ali: SVG 101
(01:19:54) Sohail Ali: stupid valley girl 101
(01:20:03) Sam Steele: I live with the instructor of valley girl 431
(01:20:08) Sohail Ali: rofl…
(01:20:25) Sohail Ali: they wanted to put me in valley girl 305
(01:20:34) Sam Steele: well.. valley gay boy.. lol
(01:20:48) Sohail Ali: but i wasnt sure if i could handle it, with Mac Daddy 102 and big pimp’n 400
(01:21:00) Sam Steele: yeah that’s a heavy courseload
(01:21:05) Sam Steele: heh. I said load
(01:21:28) Sohail Ali: definatly a heavy load for a beginners pimp like me
(01:21:46) Sohail Ali: i can barely handle it, i mean it gets all over the place like all the time
(01:21:51) Sohail Ali: its such a mess…
(01:21:56) Sam Steele: lol
(01:22:00) Sohail Ali: but now that im taking bitches 101 i know how to handle it
(01:22:21) Sam Steele: you’ll learn how to properly use the phrase “upside your head”
(01:23:49) Sohail Ali: and next semester when i take smack my bitch up 341, ebonics 201 and wreckless driving 400 i’ll have an associates in Pimping
(01:24:20) Sam Steele: then you’ll know how to properly bust a cap in people’s asses, and how to cut people.
(01:24:46) Sam Steele: and use words like “conversate”
(01:25:00) Sohail Ali: i want to get a bachelors in Mac Daddy, but thats so hard to do i heard, i gotta take blunt rolling 420, My Gat 101, i will also have to take advanced ebonics 102
(01:25:27) Sam Steele: lol
(01:26:00) Sohail Ali: then i will be able to pop a cap in some bitches ass
(01:26:09) Sohail Ali: and i can learn to conversate with mah hommies!
(01:26:23) Sohail Ali: i was thinking about dual majoring and getting something in Geek
(01:26:29) Sohail Ali: so i can be like w0rd!
(01:26:41) Sohail Ali: and talk all 1337 while i fuck a brotha up
(01:26:45) Sam Steele: lol
(01:27:04) Sohail Ali: in two weeks time i get my throw down certificate
(01:27:07) Sohail Ali: then i can beat up white boys
(01:27:22) Sam Steele: hehe
(01:27:23) Sohail Ali: once i take Gang 102 i can have my own crew
(01:27:32) Sam Steele: yep
(01:27:45) Sohail Ali: and after i take a course in hate crimes i can even start going after indians
(01:27:54) Sam Steele: lol..
(01:28:14) Sohail Ali: stupid indians
(01:28:29) Sam Steele: yes. especially indians from texas
(01:28:32) Sohail Ali: with their high sat scores and their advanced learning capabilities…
(01:28:40) Sohail Ali: yeah specially indians from texas… those fuckers!
(01:28:42) Sam Steele: texians
(01:28:46) Sohail Ali: good thing im from new york!
(01:28:56) Sam Steele: indork
(01:28:57) Sohail Ali: born in long island and raised for six years in staten island lol
(01:29:47) Sohail Ali: i wanna learn how to kick in a door and bust a cap in a motha fucka’s ass, but they said its to advanced for me
(01:29:57) Sam Steele: yeah that takes mad skillz
(01:30:01) Sohail Ali: word yo!
(01:30:11) Sohail Ali: but im down.
(01:30:27) Sohail Ali: im gonna have to get a low rider and never lock it either
(01:30:31) Sohail Ali: cause us pimps are feared!
(01:31:02) Sohail Ali: im just not sure i can start a ruckus cause thats hard to do i heard
(01:31:25) Sam Steele: yeah, supposedly you’re supposed to “bring it” so um.. pack a lunch or something
(01:32:34) Sohail Ali: yeah, but do i pack capri sun or Hi C
(01:32:44) Sam Steele: it’s all about the kool aid
(01:32:48) Sohail Ali: and what if their expecting lunchables?
(01:33:08) Sohail Ali: i cant compete with lunchables yo
(01:33:12) Sohail Ali: that shits high end…
(01:33:20) Sam Steele: yeah
(01:34:01) Sohail Ali: and what if like somebody gets a ho ho and the others dont
(01:34:04) Sohail Ali: shits going down then

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