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I want Candy!

My sister came back from New Zealand last week and she brought me back some of my old favorite candy!

But apparently the candy was too yummy for my camera, it decided to eat my 128M card about half-way through taking pictures (and eating candy..), so I only managed to snag some pictures of what’s left. Already ate the digestive, all the milk bottles, most of the allsorts, and some other stuff.

Allsorts and pineapple chunks. My most favorite things, ever! The US has allsorts now, but they’re a bit smaller than NZ’s.

A cookie, and one of the other random things they throw in with allsorts. But we all know allsorts are all about the colorful licorice stacked thingys.

(insert sounds of an HP PhotoSmart C30 eating a 128M flash card here)
I had some pics of the Milk Bottles, which are also yummy. They’re what I imagine the big white thingy cait sith in Final Fantasy 7 tastes like.

Next up, weet-bix! Apparently England also has these, but they call ’em weetabix instead of weet-bix. They’re not cool enough for the hyphen, or something. This is the traditional cereal of any New Zealand native.

Finally, my sister got me a pin to replace the one she thought I lost. Quick little story:
When we were leaving NZ, we had the choice of converting our money (used to get a 50 cent piece a week as allowance!) into USD or buying stuff in the Airport giftshop. Considering the exchange rate at the time, we decided to buy stuff at the airport. I bought some pens with adorable foam animals stuck on them, as well as a pin with a piece of Paua in the middle. I’ll explain the paua story some other time, but non-mythically it’s the inside of the shell of a fish. The outside is all grey and, well, shell-like, but the oils of the Paua create a beautiful, colorful lineing on the inside of the shell. The colorful stuff in the middle of the pin is a piece of the inside of a shell. Amazing, huh?

Anyway, here’s the new pin, from 2004:

And here it is with my 1992 version:

Aren’t they cute together? They changed the design a little bit, but otherwise it’s the same pin, although none of the pins had backs on ’em, so I can’t really wear it yet.

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  1. From CarbonC

    Hey.. Im going to dob your sister into the USA customs !! you arn’t supposed to bring stuff into USA like that 😛 hehe

    Hope you enjoyed eating it all… and don’t get sick eating that meat pie !!

    By the way, why didn’t she give you some vegemite? hehe

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