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I want Candy!

My sister came back from New Zealand last week and she brought me back some of my old favorite candy!

But apparently the candy was too yummy for my camera, it decided to eat my 128M card about half-way through taking pictures (and eating candy..), so I only managed to snag some pictures of what’s left. Already ate the digestive, all the milk bottles, most of the allsorts, and some other stuff.

  • Life

Make it stop!!

I’m the lucky person that’s on shift at the help desk during the latest virus attack! Basically there’s a virus circulating the NJIT system that tries to brute-force the account passwords, which causes the accounts to be locked out.

Looking at my paper log, I have non-stop calls from 3:50PM all the way to 4:10PM with only a minute apart. Have to answer each call, explain the virus situation, and inform them that their account will unlock automatically within 15 – 25 minutes.

It’s 4:40PM, my supervisor has gone home for the day, and the calls have stopped coming in, so I finally have a chance to catch my breath! I’m off at 5, so hopefully we don’t get another wave of calls in the next 20 minutes. *crosses fingers*

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