Yesterday between noon and 3pm my apartment, along with several others in the building, was robbed by someone with a master key, you can read more about that in my journal. They took all our laptops, including the one I use for doing Dreamcast and Windows releases. I’m very very luckey that they left our desktop computers, since that’s where I keep all my source code.

What this means is that until I get access to a Windows machine again, I will be unable to produce Nero or DiscJuggler images, and will be unable to do any further Windows releases for DreamZZT. In place of the Windows builds, I will be releasing MS-DOS builds compiled under dosemu. Unfortuantily, these will not be able to access the DZZT.NET homepage, and run slower because of the way Windows 2000 / XP handle DOS applications.

As for CD images, I will continue to release plain files, and probably BIN + CUE images. If anyone knows of a way to generate SBI files from linux, please let me know.

The next release of DreamZZT, which includes saved game support, should be out by next week.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated these pages, and I’ve found a solution for that. I’ll continue to post important updates, release announcements, etc. on here, but now I’ve got a LiveJournal account, and I’ll use that to post progress on projects, as well as personal posts, etc. LiveJournal allows a lot more freedom than these project pages do, and hopefully it’ll be better at keeping you all up to date. So here it is, my LiveJournal URL: Feel free to add me to your friends lists, post replies, etc. I’ve started the journal off with a short history of my programming carrer, as well as an update on the progress of DreamZZT. Enjoy!

I’m currently transitioning the site to use PHP and mySQL to create a more streamlined look across the sections, and to ease maintainence for me. Hopefully I wont mess things up too much 🙂

I’ve redesigned the website layout to be easier to navigate, and I’ve also added forums. Guest posting is permitted, so registration is voluntary. Please don’t abuse this privilage.


As some of you already know, I lost my job last week. This has given me a lot of time to update the site! I’ve added several new sections as well as a message board.