(14:14:08) Sohail Ali: the ntldr file goes on the c drive right?
(14:20:20) Sam Steele: yes
(14:20:34) Sohail Ali: yeah i thought so
(14:20:40) Sohail Ali: they’re making me double check before hand
(14:21:26) Sam Steele: if it doesn’t boot now, what difference does it make if it doesn’t boot again?
(14:21:46) Sohail Ali: i said that exact same thing lol
(14:22:09) Sam Steele: so stop being such a pussy 😛
(14:22:42) Sohail Ali: hey not my system to fuck up… they want a second opinion i’ll get it
(14:23:14) Sam Steele: … it’s already fucked up..
(14:23:29) Sohail Ali: yeah but people love to point fingers when shit goes wrong
(14:23:41) Sohail Ali: the only finger they shall be pointing at me was, he tried to fix it!
(14:23:47) Sam Steele: so point it at them for not having the original media for the OS
(14:23:56) Sohail Ali: he does have it lol
(14:24:00) Sohail Ali: they are doing it off of the cd
(14:24:12) Sohail Ali: using the repair consol
(14:24:37) Sam Steele: why didn’t you tell setup to repair your installation?
(14:24:46) Sohail Ali: damned if i know
(14:24:49) Sohail Ali: im doing this all via aim
(14:25:39) Sam Steele: so they don’t even know if you really got a second opinion. pussy 😛
(14:25:48) Sohail Ali: sounds about right
(14:25:59) Sohail Ali: but they trust me
(14:26:01) Sohail Ali: and i wont lie to them
(14:26:22) Sam Steele: apparently they don’t, if you had to ask me 😉