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Are you a top or a bottom?

I’m working on a slight update to the www.c99.org layout, but I can’t decide whether to put the navigations links above or below the header. Click the links below to preview the two layouts and cast your votes to help me decide 🙂


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  1. Both look good, but putting it below gives a degree of separation between the header and the content, good for the eye to pick up on.

  2. Bottom, duh!

    I much prefer the bottom format, since not only does it look better, but it allow the navlinks to remain after a little scrolling; it also separates the links clearly from the browsers’ toolbars or whatever, and it immulates Live Journal’s default layout, so it must be reasonable.

    With tabbed browsing especially, the space between the header and the links… well, not space between, but the header provides a space between the tab titles and your navlink… and that’s handy.

    Plus the scrolling thing.

    So, yeah, bottom is better.

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