I am a robot. Do what I say.

Yay! My second script fired off properly, too! Every Sunday at midnight, my box will post my StumbleUpon favorites. The StumbleUpon RSS feed doesn’t provide the date or time, so the script is keeping track of what was posted the week before and only posting new favorites. Since it’s never been run before, today’s list probably spans a bit longer than a week.

I wish Netflix had a way to retrieve the star ratings for movies I’ve rented. I was considering setting up a monthly “movies I’ve watched” script, too, but it’s a bit impersonal without the ratings I’ve assigned, and I’m too lazy to compile it myself.

I might set one up that posts when I complete a goal on 43things, but I haven’t really been using that much. Maybe I’d use it more if they published their data as an ics file, so I could view my goals on my iCal todo list. Though, I suppose I could write that, too…