MobileScrobbler 1.1.0

MobileScrobbler 1.1.0 is released! It should show up in the Community Sources repository shortly.

New features:
* Ability to stream Last.FM radio stations over wifi
* Displays Last.FM artist profile for currently playing song
* Ability to disable EDGE usage
* Slightly re-designed status bar icon
* Automatic login
* Mark songs as love / ban on your profile
* Send “Now Listening” data as well as scrobbling finished songs

Bug fixes:
* Fix a freeze when artist or album was not set
* Restart automatically on crash
* Handle usernames with spaces and other special characters

Last.FM Radio Streaming, part 3

Buffering indicator, love/ban/skip buttons, and now the volume slider on the bottom actually works too.

I just have to make the love / ban buttons actually do something, and make the scrobbler scrobble songs you listen to through the radio stream, and then I should be done with the streaming part of MobileScrobbler and can focus on finishing up the rest of it.

Last.FM Radio Streaming, part 2

You can now start listening to a Last.FM recommendation radio stream by tag or by artist:

I still have to add a button to play your personal recommendations, scrobble tracks that you listen to from the radio, and get the love / ban / skip buttons hooked up on the radio player view.

Last.FM Radio Streaming, part 1

I’ve got the radio streaming hooked up to the Now Playing UI:

I still need to add a way to select a station to listen to, and make it scrobble the radio tracks as you listen to them. Hopefully I’ll have everything completed this weekend.

Last.FM Radio

It took me almost all night but I got Last.FM radio streams to play through MobileScrobbler! There’s no user interface yet so no screenshots, maybe I’ll have some ready tonight.

Work is gonna suck on 3 hours of sleep though.

Music Exploration

One of the nicest features of the Last.FM desktop client is the artist info / track info that is displayed as you listen to your music.

Soon it will be available from within MobileScrobbler:

It should be finished and available in a few days!