Wow, the editing feature in the Google Drive app for Android is pretty sweet!

Wow, the editing feature in the Google Drive app for Android is pretty sweet!

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  1. Scott Ferguson

    It's still pretty terrible for spreadsheets unfortunately

  2. Sam Steele

    Hmm, yeah it looks like it just embeds the mobile web version of Google Docs. That's pretty lame, but luckily I rarely use spreadsheets.

  3. Scott Ferguson

    It's unfortunately what I always need, and Numbers for iPad is pretty terrible too.

    In other news, their pricing blows Dropbox out of the water. $60 a year for 100gb as opposed to $100. That is appealing.

  4. Sam Steele

    Yeah, and the free storage is double what i had on Dropbox too. Hopefully someone will write a Nautilus plugin (or whatever the GNOME file manager is these days) using the API soon! Been playing around with the folder / file sharing stuff for the past few minutes, looks like it can do everything I was doing with Dropbox aside from being available on my Linux box (I have a shared folder of wallpapers for all my computers)

  5. Scott Ferguson

    Well Google Music took a few weeks for the Linux client, so I anticipate one coming out eventually. My Projects directory has been out of Dropbox for a few years now, so that's my big thing. If I can jump from machine to machine and keep working, I am gold. Also just noticed that Docs/Drive does in fact have the same history feature that Dropbox has so that's another big plus.

  6. Sam Steele

    Ah! That's true, an official linux app would be even better. Unless they half-ass it like Picasa for linux 😛

  7. Scott Ferguson

    They did a pretty solid job on the Music client, and it doesn't have to be as hardcore as Picasa so here's hoping.

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