Running late, so I've decided to play with my Nexus Q instead

 Got it ready to watch the keynote livestream 🙂 Will head down to Moscone this afternoon #io12  

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  1. It can output audio from youtube videos over HDMI, but not music 🙁 Guess i'll need to upgrade my speakers, or just continue using AirTunes 😛

  2. haven't had the time to get mine out of the box yet! Let's meet up late morning. I think James sent you an email with our contact numbers, it would be great to meet you

  3. +Steve Whilton I'm about 90 minutes from Moscone, so depending on how long the keynote is I probably wont get there 'til the afternoon.  Didn't get an email from James, send me another or just message me on Google+ Messenger or Google Talk. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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