Ugh, recruiters have gotten even stupider than when I last had to look for a job….

Ugh, recruiters have gotten even stupider than when I last had to look for a job.  You think my resume is a "good match" for a financial advisor or insurance salesman? Really?

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  1. You really wouldn't believe the calls I get some days. 

    This last one was actually I job that my resume was a "good match" for, but the job itself looked so insanely boring I couldn't imagine doing it every day.

  2. I've really been surprised that these recruiters don't really make sure applicants are well-suited for the jobs they send them to interview for. Or they interview a person for something that's not even open yet.

  3. I'm pretty sure they're just using automatic mailers to send the same job to everyone and hope at least 1 person is actually qualified 😛

  4. Must be nice to have a brainless job like that. lol

  5. Yep, most of them are just higher paid spammers

  6. I've actually looked for work as a staffing recruiter. Silly as that sounds but I've seen the kind of work these folks do and any idiot can do it. 

  7. Yeah. A few years ago I got contacted by 2 different recruiters from the same company about the same job, but with different hourly rates.  I asked the lower rate lady why I would accept her offer when her co-worker was offering more, she didn't have an answer 😛 Apparently they can't even communicate with each other very well!

  8. ha ha That's bad. I had one just recently contact me about a job that wasn't even available.

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